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    are we having a bad slot car day darainbow?! :rolleyes

    If I may offer my observations I'd say this thread had a sticky put on it because I posted links to all mfg producing digital stuff and that it was recognized as it was intended to be - a post for unbiased (as much as possible given certain products) observations of the digital world.


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      Re: Yeowch...

      I think its been stickied because you are a reseller. I think you have direct contact with the mod and can tell him to keep your threads on top. This thread adds very little to the digital discussion.


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        Re: Yeowch...

        Darain, if you had your email available I wouldn't be wasting others time on this board by replying to your silly notions.

        I have no connection to the moderator, nor to anyone on tis board and I'd really like to know how you figure this thread has little to do with digital discussion |I

        If you'd like to discuss this further, please email me @ [email protected] .


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          Re: Yeowch...

          CruzinBob and darainbo, I am going to stick my two cents worth in here. I don't post very much, but I do read everything I can find about the digital systems, and I have found this thread and most others on the board to be very helpful and interesting. Granted, a lot of times, the original post that started the thread often causes a lot of little side topics to be discussed, but I think this is a good thing. When one person disagrees with another, that is not a bad thing, either, and it often leads to more discussion which can provide more insite into the topic.

          I just wanted to express my appreciation to all posters for the opportunity to read your posts and learn about your opinions.




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            Thank you Jess.

            Thank you Jess for the kind words of wisdom

            I hope everyone had a warm & peaceful Thanksgiving and do realize just how lucky we are


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              Re: Thank you Jess.

              CruzinBob, I especially appreciate that you reported when a Scalextric set was returned, as well as the follow-up that you were able to get it to work correctly. A lot of folks are curious about digital, so hearing honest reports about potential problems and solutions is very important.

              I also have a Pro-X system, with one car faster than the other. I use the faster car as the ghost car.

              I see the point about having more than 4 cars becoming a demolition derby, but I do think the option should be available to run 8 cars. I mean, if you extend your track to a 100 foot layout, 8 cars aren't really that many. And I'm sure we'll be extending our digital layouts.


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                Re: Thank you Jess.

                Hi all ...I got my Pro-x set(nascar) a couple of days bigger than I thought it would be The LC's work perfect every time...the ghost car works ok on the oval layout but once you change the track around, the ghost cars became rather lame....slow speed they barely move..medium....they travel most of the track but deslot at the same corner every time...and fast it doesnt stay on at all
                The cars are the fastest, by far, out of the box carrera cars I have had...I have brought 3 sets(near 100 foot of track) in the last 3 months
                I love the r2 corners..and the cars , even with the longer keels, have no trouble going aroung the r1 corners
                And yes I have to agree that more than 4 is going to be a crashathon



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                  Re: Thank you Jess.

                  idontbelieveitsbutter, 100' of digital, that sounds pretty cool. you'll have to post some pics if possible.

                  Concerning the different style and strategy of digital racing, I wonder if the people that are enjoying success now with standard, non digital racing, will still be at the top with the digital format, probably, but wonder if digital could bring out some "new" top dogs, a shuffling of the heirarchy so to speak, just a thought.



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                    Checking in!

                    Been awhile and thought I'd throw out some more meat to chew...

                    Biz has been slow but I've sold 2 Scalextric sets in the store & 1 on eBay. Sold 1 Carrera in store and 2 on eBay. Not too exciting |I Considering the advertising I've been doing in local newspapers, it is rather disappointing.

                    Had a problem with my Scalextric system as both cars were running on the #1 controller. After some extensive reprogramming it works again! The computer really takes some time to program...guess that's what it takes to have all the bells n whistles

                    Still waiting for the Carrera guides...if I had time I would have made some but I seem to be operating a bit behind sched of late.

                    I've not had any response on in house digital racing either. I have considered adding to the digital set but I really like having it setup just as it comes out of the box as a demo for interested parties.

                    I hope everyone is having a good holiday season


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                      Re: Checking in!

                      I've set my track up so that I can switch from analog to digital setups easily. It's interesting to notice the difference in driving styles, as noted earlier.

                      If a driver is not careful, he/she is bumping into the back of the person in front, and can even bump them off track at turns. It seems to me that, when running races, rules and penalties will need to be put in place to limit these situtations.

                      But, this is much more like real racing. In the top series of 1:1 racing, there are rules/penalties for those who cause accidents, etc. In these series, driving skill, as well as car setup, are rewarded - not the "bump and run."

                      In analog slot racing, this is not an issue. That's why, IMO, you see some slot racing that is totally unrealistic in car design and race speed.

                      With digital, there is the opportunity to produce a more realistic racing experience all around. This is what the XBox/PS2 crowd have, and now can be what slot cars have offer.


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                        More realistic!


                        Good points and thanks for your input. I agree that a simple penalty system should be used for intentional crashing.

                        MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL


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                          I have the carrera pro-x system and love it.

                          The 99 car is faster than the 7 and the 41 I purchased to go with the set is fastest of all.

                          Also the 41 has brakes which help a great deal.

                          The beauty of the set is the fastest car isn't always going to win with the lane changing possibilities and a ghost car thrown in the mix.


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                            Some information I found useful

                            I just got into the whole slot-car fun recently, very recently. Less than a month ago I found a Carrera set off the shelf for about eighty bucks and couldn't resist. Since then it's been a downward spiral (for the checking account anyway!!) into some of the most fun I've had with a hobby in years. The advent of digital racing only worsens my condition. In my search for details about all the sets I found this interesting little "diddy":


                            This seems to lay-out alot of the pros and cons between the systems pretty well. One note being that this is not an "official" review, which some may view as a benefit, some a detraction.

                            Just thought I'd share with y'all. I won't claim any of this information as dead-on accurate or otherwise, just something I grazed past while surfing the 'net.

                            Let me know your thoughts then. Have a great day everyone!


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                              Re: Some information I found useful

                              That's exactly what darainbow wrote for his site, even gives Chris credit.



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                                Re: Some information I found useful

                                Hi Slotict.

                                The link was posted by a new SCI member so it is important to raise a few issues and go over old ground covered in the last 2 months as other newcomers may look at the table.

                                Just so that we all know where we are coming from with that table on the South African site Big Al is a Carrera user and broadly supports darainbow, another Carrera user, in many of his threads. There is no issue at all with the good work darainbow is doing for Carrera users generally but it is a shame that he chooses to tarnish this good work with an ill conceived comparison table that shows biase towards one marque.

                                Further the table focuses on the negative and not the positive and any potential digital convert when reading the table is more than likely going to be put off completely by what they read rather than take the plunge.

                                The message is "Digital slot racing is a fun!" no matter what you may think when browsing through the table.

                                It must also be noted that the table author claims to have never tried Scalextric SPORT Digital himself but is simply going on reports from message boards. In excess of 15000 Scalextric SPORT Digital sets have now been sold worldwide and more are to be delivered in March together with conversion chips. His table is based on the reports of under 50 people who happen to participate in message boards and have SPORT Digital (less than 0.33%) and the great proportion of those are happy!!!

                                So to put it into perspective any negative remark that you see in the table is based on feedback from around 0.1% (1 in 1000) or less of users worldwide! :rolleyes

                                Is Big Al happy about publishing a table that is based on such information?

                                Big Al's site not an official Scalextric site although the site is a popular one among South African slot cars fans. I personally am rather surprised that Big Al has included the table within his website as he uses the Hornby trademark to draw traffic. Hornby are the Scalextric brand in South Africa. He should adopt the approach shown by the moderators at SCI who remain neutral in such matters.

                                As we all know the table is flawed and biased. Examples:-

                                1) It claims that SPORT track does not support open wheel racing. Scalextric sell more F1 and IRL open wheeled cars to SPORT users worldwide than any other class!

                                2) In the stock power area Carrera is quoted as offering 1450ma whilst Scalextric and SCX 2.5A and 2A. Why not use the same rating for each brand? Scalextric offer 2500ma or 5000ma with 2 power packs. It is to make the carrera rating look higher than it really is?

                                3) It reports that satisfying power with SSD cannot be found when using more than 3 cars. This is not the case and the author makes a comment that this is subjective. Why not simply say "Yes" to all three systems if it is subjective? Again is this due to biase and why tabulate this at all if it is subjective?

                                4) All systems have an "overload" safety cut out device as demanded by the toy industry, yet SCX and Carrera apparently do not have this cut out device according to the chart! :rolleyes

                                5) Can lane changes be taken at high speed? Scalextric and SCX have a "No" in the table and yet the Scalextric lane change is on a curve and I personally have taken an SCX lane change at high speed. It depends on the circuit design.

                                6) Flexibility of design. All current Scalextric SPORT track can be used in the circuit design and R2 curves are used in 99% of all Scalextric SPORT circuits that I have encountered. The exception being a MotoGP circuit. Again the position taken by the author is not valid and suggests biase.

                                7) Scalextric have announced the intention to produce a "Junction Lane Change Unit" permitting pit stops and multi 8 lane racing if required. Scalextric have a "No" in the intentions section. Carrera elements are updated immediately. SCX and Scalextric elements are not. Again does this suggest a biase?

                                I could go on but I will stop here.

                                Maybe Big Al will review the table himself and remove what is not relevant or invalid for his South African audience who are likely to be newbies and home racers and will find the table confusing.


                                Moped Rider Scalextric SPORT Digital Website