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    Re: Some interesting.....

    I somehow knew this would come back to bite me!! I apologize for re-hashing an obviously sore topic and appreciate you folks removing my "blinders", if you will. All points duely noted and I'll be sure to do more research prior to posting things of this nature in the future.

    All that notwithstanding, slot-cars rock! I'm glad I fell into the hobby and look forward to reading more posts on this site. You guys really are a wealth of knowledge and the input is appreciated.

    Thanks, have a great day, and I'll "talk" to y'all soon.


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      appears both sides r stretchin it agin

      8 lane scaly digital
      using 1 lane to 2 pitstops

      swear moped
      every post have 2 hike up boots


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        Re: appears both sides r stretchin it agin

        Scalextric have declared themselves that 8 lane racing is possible with the new junction track as long as you have a chicane section somewhere in the circuit. How is this stretching it? If somebody wants to design a circuit like this then they have an option.

        To be very honest though why would you need this given that there is a 4 or a 6 car maximum limit? It seems like an extravagance.

        Digital racing is at its best when you are chasing a car in the same lane and its seems that whenever we race it is natural to do this and at the same time select the quickest racing line which for some reason everybody does!

        However I have yet to race with 6 cars at home and I can see that a longer (or wider circuit if the circuit is short) might be desirable when 6 cars are raced. We cannot deny that any pit lane/junction type track increases flexibility in this area.

        If there was a 24 car limit then 6 or 8 lane digital racing would be desirable but the amount of power required to run 24 cars is probably well above legal limits for the home and would certainly be questioned by any indemnifier who insures a club.



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          daa aint got car batteries then

          across da pond

          n u believe u can go from 8 lanes back down to 2 lanes
          and back up to 8 easily
          sounds like euro racing fun
          wont fly here


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            Re: daa aint got car batteries then

            Well, for sure you will have to actually watch where you are going and think ahead a little bit. I don't know about going from 8 to 2 to 8. I can't see much reason to run 8 lanes on a digital track anyway. Even Nascar races aren't that crazy. I came along in slot racing back in the 60's and 70's and went through the commercial track phase. Lots of high speed wild frenzied racing on big 8 lane tracks that put the cars to a much more severe test than the drivers. Lived through it, but don't necessarily want to go back to it. My best memories of those times are some of the 4 and 8 hour enduros we had with teams driving each car. Now that was fun, and we actually used strategy.

            To me, digital is a way to get driving back in the hobby without having such a severe limit on the number of cars that can race at one on a track that isn't a mile wide. Tracks can be 2 lanes wide in most spots with occasional places where they may go 3 wide, and some places where they are only one lane wide. Tracks will have to be well thought out and designed, but I believe there is room for lots of really interesting and fun racing.

            Just my humble opinion.



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              Having a blast with Digital

              Just picked-up the Pro-X set from Slot Car City and have barely been able to walk away from it since!

              I had about 40' of track to begin with so adding another almost 30' was a blast.....until I realized I had no jumpers!! Needless to say, the cars got a bit slower towards the end of their 70' pass (especially through R1's)!! I've since reduced to a basic oval with 20+ foot straights. I used the crossing bridge plus one straight between the incline/decline on one side just to keep it interesting.

              Anyway, these sets are pretty darn cool, no matter which one you go with you should have FUN! The competetiveness it fosters is great and the wife is loving it!!

              Have a great day folks, we'll talk to you soon.


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                5 lap penalty...

                thread starter fails to complete race...

                Just got in the Carrera Guides. O BOY!

                Yep, my bubble popped months ago...

                Sure glad ya'll keepin' it up tho


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                  Curious about systems

                  Hey guys I'm a newb to the 1/32 slot car game and was curious what digital set up would be best for me... scalextric or carrera?


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                    Re: Curious about systems

                    Hello Newb, welcome to SCI!

                    It is impossible for anyone to tell you which set is better for you. It seems to me that most racers are buying whatever track they had previously.

                    Personally, I think Scalextric put more thought into thier system. The digital cars can be used on analogue tracks, although without dynamic braking Scalextric offers kits that a moderately skilled hobbiest can install in almost any slot car. And there is an output port on the timing track that can be used for computer timing.

                    I will let someone else expound on Carrera, I am not very familiar with it.



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                      number of cars


                      I have been playing with pro-x briefly and envisioned a racing series with multiple cars. At this point I believe 4 cars is the most you could have on a reasonable sized circuit without things resorting to "crash and bash" and mayhem in general.


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                        We have been using pro-x continuiously & faultlessly with fours cars for the last eight months, we have had no motor failures.I think personnally four cars are enough, with carrera even using 1/24th track four cars are plenty to control,I think six would be a bit mind boggling.As it was mentioned before you do have to change your driving tact, and for this you are not only watching your own car, for me this is what makes it more interesting. A lot of hire circuits are four lanes wide.


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                          I have the scx digital set with 3 cars. I will call them 1,2 and 3.
                          If I run cars 1 and 3 life is good, but as soon as 2 gets in the red overload light on the pit box starts to flash. If I take 1 and 3 off and just leave 2 on the red light flashes still. Also you can see the lights on the fuel counter dim a bit.
                          Any ideas. This is my 1st post


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                            nynelyvz, have you added any additional power supply's?? the "base controller" can support up to 3, if you're running a decent length track, a few accesories, and multiple cars, you may want to consider adding a second (or third) unit (the part that plugs into the wall)

                            is it always car #2 that causes an issue?? can you run 1&2 or 2&3 fine, it's just when you add a third car that you have these issues?


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                              I can run cars 1 and 3 just fine but as soon as 2 comes in red light. Even if I run it by itself. I thought about getting another power suppl but even with the one car it does it.



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                                i've not heard of that, let me ask around...typicly the red light flashing (either slow or fast) does not indicate overload (as happens with Scalextric) but instead is a warning that your track needs more power (ie another transformer plugged in the wall)

                                let me see what I can find out.