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  • All Digital!

    I plan to explore the digital world by putting up digital racetracks from all mfg. in my slot raceway. I have some knowledge of slot cars and will provide observations and request constructive comments from interested parties.

    I thank SCI & Alan Smith for this opportunity and credit Alan's promotional abilities to help keep my eye on 1/32 home set goods.

    Here are links to mfg. of digital systems. & (this has a great video clip explaining the new digital system - its no wonder these sets are selling quite well!)



    Ninco plans their release in 2005. (check their news releases available in PDF)

    All products I've used are great fun but we hope the mfg. put it into high gear with availability of accessories.

    I had the Carrera Evolution PRO-X 30100 circuit set up for about 1 week. It was used and abused for a 1 day 1 year anniversary event and 4 cars wound up with broke guides in about 5 hours of relatively unsupervised use. We were able to fix 2 guides with JB weld as they were just cracked (seriously) but it was a real downside. The European direction of travel (clockwise) for a Stock Car set is a bit odd. The nicely detailed cars are a delight to watch and race but the #99 car is noticeably faster than the #7 car. (Cars weigh 114 grams). The 4x13' banked oval is a good layout to become acquainted with a new system. Although the set is currently back in the box it will be resurrected very soon :o

    I've had the Scalextric Sport Digital "Lane Change Challenge" C1140T set up for about 10 days. The Power Base has 7 programmable race formats with LCD display. This feature sells me big time One should never tire of the many racing options available. The light (70 grams) & the fast Porsche Boxsters have been indestructible. The box shows a 7.5 x7.5' layout but I have it set up in a truer figure 8 @ 4 x 9.5'. This product is so good that other mfg. will sell just because :rollin . I'm featuring a free trial run and .50 qualifying runs for Cruzin' Bucks.

    I just viewed the SCX web site and it sold me :eek I suggest other mfg. get on the stick with upgrades to their web sites. The SCX digital presentation is very nice and I'm all for better promotional capabilities. Although I sold SCX 10+ years ago I was never too excited about it even though it is compatible with Scalextric Classic. At that time the cars were not a happenin' thing >D What additionally helps sell me on SCX is their scale lap counter, double crossover sections & 3 car race set.

    I'm looking forward to NINCO digital, which is sure to match the competition, and may surprise us

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    believe lane change is done with guide height adjustment
    in da toy
    which also believe iz major weakness of system

    have da scx dome
    great lights
    chassis moves
    movement moves prongs
    which connect to lights
    real pia 2 correct out of box
    that n magnet adjustment
    which is also over engineered
    agains reminds 1 to avoid brand


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      Re: scx

      Cool review!

      In my pro-X set, the cars are the same speed. Also, the Pro-X set costs about $50 less than scalectric which will cover the cost of the lap computer WHEN it becomes available.


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        Thanks fellas for the input...


        I'm very happy to hear that your cars are the same speed. When I first tried the Carrera Digital it was at the Hobbyvisions show in Vegas. The #99 car was faster than the 2 other different cars they were using and it was disturbing. When I got my sets and put the set up in my store I noticed the same characteristics. Then I had a motor quit in one of the cars (think it was the #7) and when I took it apart I found that the motor brushes were 90 degrees off and it was a problem because the brushes were nicely preradiused, meaning the commutator was riding on 2 ridges for each brush. Also, I noticed the #99 car is a "new" release and I (w/o research) believe they may have installed a corrected motor in the newer car(s). Just a thought...

        Please let us know if you find any noticeable variances. Finding 2 cars that run nearly identical is sometimes hard to achieve but I believe it very necessary to keep interest up.

        A note on my first Scalextric Digital set sale - sold a set Saturday eve and was returned for exchange Sunday due to inoperable lane change section and race format kept "overloading" in GP format. I'll look into the problems when I have time this week.


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          A great review, thank you!

          One reason I overlooked SCX was the change in track, but now I think it was probably in thier best interest. That video rocks

          The Scalextric appeals to me because I can replace my Classic track with Sport Digital in the same footprint.

          Carrera was silly to only use 4 cars. I saw and responded to another post about creating a 4-lane digital Carrera. What I can't figure out is why the SCX and SSD are limited to 6 cars. In digital, by the time you count more than 4 you can count 8. Perhaps a power issue.

          Scalextric should bring out a new Italian Job, three front-drive Mini's would look awesome lifting thier rear tires around the turns And since I want to get carried away, a three-pod of armoured cars for them to chase should be offered :lol



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            The minis would be great...

            but getting the rails in a staircase would be really really tough....:lol

            Thanks for the note Rand.


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              scx again

              strictly opinion

              since original 333
              which believe was last great toy they made

              new n improved ment headaches

              with dome not only is chassis moving n flexin
              but metal to all lights
              n then 2 front lights

              did u ever have a manual 35 mm camera
              had 2 think
              but when they went semiauto
              u had 2 really think 2 overcome its settings
              thats problem with dome magnet
              n all others they produced
              since new n improved 333

              perhaps scx digital is da answer
              based on their innovative hx
              doubt it

              btw did not complain bout cost
              never felt scx overpriced

              will continue scx dome saga under 1/32 forum
              it should b worth a read

              n especially thanks 4 report on ur scaly digital return
              flipside info


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                Number of Cars


                I have been playing with pro-x briefly and envisioned a racing series with multiple cars. At this point I believe 4 cars is the most you could have on a reasonable sized circuit without things resorting to "crash and bash" and mayhem in general.

                From serious club races with only four cars on four lanes, the marshalls are already very busy. Four cars on two lanes, the marshalls will be even more busy and they may need to apply some adjudication. Six cars on two lanes? I cant imagine any serious racing. Its probably more like a video game.

                Club racing has shown that the jump from 2 to 4 cars is a collosal improvement. The jump from 4 to 6? Probably Not as drastic an improvement.

                If you can organize some serious racing with 6 digital cars on home track, let me know.


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                  Re: Number of Cars

                  You are probably correct, but when I go to the smaller 1/1 dirt track venues, they don't run four wide and they always have delays because of crashes. Less crashes as you move up in class and get better drivers. So I would guess part of adapting to the new system is your perception of what should happen. If a product doesn't meet people's expectations it goes away, no matter how good the product is. I live by a race , "the long beach grand prix" or what ever they call it now days, that is really a one lane race around a city circuit. They have only two places to pass, so this could be the perfect track for a digital model. It runs nice cars, but really survives as an economic event. I go on the cheap days before the week end. (no surprise, huh!) I like the spectacle and seeing the cars run, but never felt I was missing anything by not attending a follow the leader race. (If it was still F1 I would go on race day, though not every year. ) Most people go on race day an are happy as clams about the whole deal. They just accept it for what it is .


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                    Re: Number of Cars


                    I think digital requires a much different driving approach. For years with slot cars it was race really close to the edge lap after lap. With digital you need more patience. There should be some give and take. If you are faster than someone then work on them and wait for the right opportunity. You might have to back off until things settle down in front of you. A crash and burn format with digital will probably work the best and help keep drivers under control.



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                      Re: Number of Cars

                      I agree that digital racing will have to take a different driving approach, and I think that is a good thing!!! Running balls to the wall out on every lap is still racing and is still fun, but the thought of trying to make a pass or blocking someone really gets my competitive juices flowing. Like I said in an earlier post, the thought of making a bigger 4-6 lane layout and having these options only adds to the fun.

                      I also think if the layout is big enough, (i.e. really long or more than 2 lanes) more than 6 cars would be more than feasible.


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                        Re: Number of Cars

                        I think strategy and timing are going to be much more important in digital racing. Timing it right to pass so you won't likely get passed by, etc. When they get the systems so you have to manage fuel, etc., that will really add to it, too, on longer races. Much more like the real thing.


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                          Lots of great thoughts!


                          I think that turnmarshalling will actually be easier than what we're used to. If you're racing 4 cars on 4 lanes and go to 4 cars on 2 lanes, you still have 4 cars to return to their slot but now you don't have to worry about which lane to return the deslotted car to plus you only have 2 lanes to have to choose I believe however, digital etiquette has a deslotted car being returned to the outside lane.


                          Patience will be a key element! I really have trouble with crash n burn though as a racer I can deal with it and as a race director I find it necessary at times to use this format when runnning a race on an 8 lane track and there aren't enough marshals. I believe though, in 1:1 racing there are many times when a car will spin out and continue's about 40/60 methinks :\

                          jmagnan says it best "much more like the real thing" - baby

                          I checked with a distributor that sells SCX and I cannot get digital from them yet...hmmmm....where did all those sets selling on eBay come from >:


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                            Scalextric set that was sold & returned..

                            The Scalextric set mentioned above that was returned has nothing wrong with it. Last night we put it together and everythng worked fine. The fella who bought it said one of the lane changers didn't work and that the computer would go into overload in GP mode. We think he probably put the lane change in the wrong way as you can put it together 2 ways, one way the plug will not connect to proper connector. And that may be why he had problems with the computer.


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                              WHY does this thread have a sticky???

                              This forum sucks.