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a couple of carrera digital ghost car questions

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  • a couple of carrera digital ghost car questions

    If i were to buy a new carrera digital set, would i need to have many controllers to run ghost cars.

    I read that carrera 1/32 can have 6 cars on the track.
    1. Can I run 5 ghost cars?
    2. would i need a separate controller for each ghost car?
    3. do carrera ghost cars just go 1 speed (whatever they are set to) or do the speed up/down based on the lane like the old scalextric challenger?

    thank you in advanced.


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    i believe i found all my answers. when searching for ghost i was able to find the answers. Below are the answers in case anyone was curious as well

    1. you should be able to run as many ghost cars as the track allows
    2. You can program on one controller you dont need a different controller. they will all read as car #7 though
    3. they only go at the speed you set, which can be up to the maximum speed of your slowest turn. You can go as slow as you feel like though. They dont speed up and slow down like the old scalextric challenger.

    It seems though that the 1/43 go plus ghost cars can in fact learn the track based on how you drive to go faster in the straights, but slower in the turns. I have not researched this other than one thread on this. hopefully this will be something that is added to 1/32 and 1/24.
    My current layout has a slower bend that i would probably have to remove because the ghost cars would be very slow
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      Sorry I didn't see this. Most Carrera questions are posted in the Carrera section. You are right on all counts. Unfortunately the self drive learning is not part of the equation. Who's to say what the future holds.
      By the way WELCOME. Things are just getting back to semi normal around here.


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        Carrera Go Plus is not digital. If there is a "speed up and slow down" ghost car feature, then what's probably happening is the control base/unit is recording the throttle levels and playing them back. That kind of thing has been out for a while in the analog world (see Scalextric Pacer) but is simply not possible with Carrera digital.

        The only way I can think of to get that on a Carrera Digital track is to use a oXigen chip with the ghost car firmware, but you would also need an oXigen controller. I think the $30 ARC Pro controller will still work to program the lap, because it's the chip firmware that does it. Unfortunately, this would be in no way managed by the CU and therefore the car would simply play back the lap any time it's on the track.

        If you want a proper challenge after getting good enough at beating the Carrera ghost cars, pull the traction magnet(s) from your car, and then race against ghosts with magnets. ;-)