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Firmware upgrade for type C O201C in SSD mode

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  • Firmware upgrade for type C O201C in SSD mode

    Please read next message
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    Important firmware upgrade for the universal 'type C' chip, for SSD users: the new firmware fixes runaway car bug and a few other things.

    (go to post #5 - Greg)
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      The latest release of the type C for SSD (ONLY) firmware has been temporarily pulled from the server as one customer reported that it inhibited further upgrades or reverting to older version. We checked this specifically before releasing, as we always do, and we couldn't find such issue - but as a precaution we removed it from our server until next Monday.

      I advise you NOT to use it in case you have it downloaded already. Our engineer is checking as we speak (yes it's Saturday night... and I'm travelling to China. Best time for such things)

      Ci Ŕ stato riferito un caso di malfunzionamento sul firmware SSD per type C. Il malfunzionamento impedirebbe ulteriori upgrades, o il ritorno alla versione precedente. Questo Ŕ un punto che verifichiamo sempre prima dei rilasci, ma come precauzione abbiamo rimosso la versione dal server fino a lunedý. Nel caso che abbiate scaricato il firmware, NON utilizzatelo, per precauzione fino a lunedý.


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        The issue is partly confirmed - but the firmware can still be upgraded to future versions by entering DFU mode as explained at page 13 of the Type C manual, by placing the magnet on the Hall sensor. We're working on an updated release.


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          The SSD firmware for the universal 'type C' chip has been upgraded to 1.06. It fixes a few annoying bugs and seems to be well behaved (that's a risky statement when speaking about firmware)

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