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Chipping a Racer DP for Carrera. Video added

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  • Chipping a Racer DP for Carrera. Video added

    I finally got up the courage and did it and I thought I would share it with anyone who thought about doing one and was hesitant. It was really not bad, Kinda easy and I have step by step pictures, I hope this helps.

    THis Is the prototype I Chipped.

    I used Chip #26732

    Remove the two body screws as shown.

    THis is what you have when the body is off.

    Here is the shot of the interior that will have to be removed.

    Cut the plastic tabs hat adhere the interior to the body, I used my X-acto knife as shown.

    This is what you will end up with after the interior is removed.

    The bottom of the interior that will need to be cut away. The next picture you will see where.

    Here is where you need to cut, Again I used my knife to make the cuts.

    This is what I ended up with after I made the cuts.

    Another shot at the cut in the interior.

    This is the Craft adhesive that I used to glue the Driver and the interior back into place.

    Apply some of the adhesive to the back of the driver like shown.

    Place driver back into the interior, the adhesive will hold him in place while it dries.

    Picture of the chip.

    A mock up of chip placement, This is where I got my drill locations for the LED and the switch.

    Here are the holes I drilled for the switch and the LED in the chassis.

    Here I checked to see how my alignment was with the LED and switch.

    This is where I glued the interior back into the chassis, Make sure you glue all three points and that the interior holes line up with the tabs on the body.

    Here are a few Pictures of the interor installed and the inside you can see the cut out to make room for the chip.

    This is where I cut the Light wires off because there are no lights on he DP's and they would take up to much room.

    This is what you end up with.

    I also cut off the plugs on the chip wires I am going to use. and you end up with jus a chip with the braid wires and the motor wires.

    Then you will need to cut the wires in the chassis running from the braids to the motor like so.

    This is the Doublesided tape I used to secure the Chip in its final resting place.

    Here is the chip in the chassis ready to be wired up.

    The LED and the switch seen through the bottom of the chassis.

    I used the heat shrink wrap tubes to help secure the connections of the wires.

    I twisted the wires together and tested the car on my track just to be sure it was wired correctly before I added a little solder.

    This is where I added solder to the connections and then I slid the heat wrap tubes over the connections and used the solder iron to shrink them around the connections.

    Here are some pictures of the final product The modifications to the interior are hardly noticable. I hope this helps anyone looking to chip these cars.

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    Pictures are fixed now, Sorry for the early post.


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      Nice job


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        Thank you, I hope this helps. I was scared to try it on these cars but once I got it done it was way worth it. And they work great.


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          Added a video so you can ssee the car in action and that it works great on the Carrera track, Sorry about the crappy quality.



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            Vid looks alright
            That was in ghost car mod right ?


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                what is ghost car mode?


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                  Carrera has a mode to where you can set cars as ghosts, this means that they will go around the track by themselves and switch lanes randomly. It is great if you have no one to race against.


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                    I just posted a short video of some Carrera night racing using three cars set to autonomous mode (a.k.a. ghost mode). You can see it here:

                    [ame=""]Night Racing on Flickr - Photo Sharing![/ame]

                    (I hope posting a video link is acceptable in the forum. Please tell me if this is bad form.)


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                      I think it is okay.


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                        So just Carrera cars on a Carrera track can be in ghost mode? How many cars can you have in ghost mode?


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                          any car an be a ghost car if you chip it. all cars need to have a carrera chip to run on a digital layout. and I think you can have up to 7 ghost cars


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                            Does that car have a spot in the front for headlights? If so you can easily add them by installing a couple white LED's. That digital decoder board you installed already has the drivers needed for them. Just a couple LED's and some wire and you've got front lights. Same goes for the back except you need a pair of RED ones.



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                              Will the car now change lanes on a 1/24 carrera digital track?