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Chipping a Racer DP for Carrera. Video added

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    Yes, it changes lanes, The d132 and the D124 track are the same..


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      So you took out the stiffener "T" bar out of the chassis(under the chip) Are you sure you want to remove that stiffener??


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        Originally posted by WSJONES View Post
        Will the car now change lanes on a 1/24 carrera digital track?
        I didn't do this car, but I've chipped close to a dozen cars for Carrera digital, some with lights. They ALL work very well. Here a list of some cars I chipped:

        Autoart 1/24 4wd subaru w/lights
        Autoart 1/24 4wd ford focus w/lights
        I added some magnents to those two, the run pretty good, the 4Wd is interesting...

        Fly Panoz? (front engine with long axle, I managed to get the chip under the axle, I think I did the same for the 4WD cars above).
        The Fly is very fast, runs great! I added some mags to it and it makes a VERY fast ghost car, and I like driving it too!

        2 classic model Carrera Evolution cars, a Yellow Mustang and a Black Camaro! I didn't put lights in, but could, and they run good. I had to trim the interior on the Camero( I think on one of the AutoArt and Fly cars too!). The Mustang is VERY quiet and fast, one of my best cars.

        Carrera Go! NASCAR- Chipped this 1/43 car with digital 132 chip. It runs GREAT, very fast, makes the best ghost car ever. Has full functions now. I run other D143 cars on my track, my kids like driving them, they are fast. They don't feature fueling/setting speeds/ghost car like the D132 chips though. They change lanes fine, once in a while they miss one.

        3 Scalextric Analog cars - Older Ferrari, older Lamborghini, and a NASCAR. The NASCAR is once again fast, and a GREAT ghost car with an extrat magnet. The other two are a bit slow and sloppy, but actually quite fun to run against each other.

        I have at least one more chip right now, I have it reserved to put in a brand new Analog SCX Nascar that I bought dirt cheap. It's a great looking car, looking forward to it. I've also heard that SCX 1/43 scale cars chip real well with Digital 132. I may have to try them as well!



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          Nice car, and mod