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C7042 Part 2 "Analog Mode"

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  • C7042 Part 2 "Analog Mode"

    I apologize for the delay. I should be able to get the other videos together in a shorter time frame.

    Part 2, "Analog Mode," is now online for your viewing pleasure. In it, I detail how to access and use single and two lane analog mode in the new powerbase. I also explain how to ensure your track can be used safely in both digital and analog modes. I realize it's a lot like an industrial education video, but I tend to be very clinical when I explain things anyway, and in the end, these videos are meant to educate, not entertain. I did try to spice it up a little... but I guess that makes it seem even more like a lame industrial education video, so there you are. At the very least, I hope it is helpful to those who recently received the new powerbase and want to try out analog mode.

    Part 3 will be about Pace Cars.

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    great video. I have to say now I know why lane 2 never worked for me haha. Good job, keep them comming.


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      Thanks Greg - Another fabulous instructional video.
      I am now re-thinking my digital only track.
      When you do the Riko LC mod for analog - does that effect power to the rails in any negative way?
      If so, will power taps overcome this power issue?


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        Zman, the LC mod does not effect either mode negatively. That's why it's so important to cut the RIGHT spots. If you cut the wrong spots, you remove power from parts of the track. Scalextric didn't need to add all those connections in the first place, but they might not have given it that much thought.

        As for power taps, they're never a bad idea, but they're not always needed. My 55' track has none. I made sure to crimp all the rail connectors when I assembled it, and any time I make a change I re-crimp the connectors for the tracks I'm changing. I have no noticeable power issues. For exceptionally large tracks, like 100' and up, I would do the same thing, but not be surprised if power was noticeably lower at certain points, and would add power taps to alleviate that.


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          Great video, I hear KING5 is looking for a new reporter. You good replace Jesse Jones



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            maybe for the next video, I'll use my news anchor voice.


            hey! shut up, you! :P


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              nice presentation

              only suggestion is to not use analog toys that look like available digital ones
              perhaps even showing them without bodies to emphasize that they are analog


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                +1 I agree


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                  I considered it, but I didn't have analog blue and red magnet cars to use as my Pioneers are magless, and they fall right off of the track I have set up for these videos.
                  In fact, those ARE digital cars. In the end, it doesn't really matter, since it doesn't change the information presented. The cars are only used as examples.
                  The next video, pace cars, will probably use Boxsters. Is that ok with everyone? :P
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                    I think that is the point. Most of us know they ARE digital... and honeslty it threw me off a little bit. But yest the priciples are the same.

                    For your next video, use "nice" cars.


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                      Another well presented and informational video.

                      Well done!

                      Scalextric should include a dvd with these videos on it. That would have been a great help when I first got my new PB


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                        I was hoping the cars would be no big deal, but clearly they are to those who know. Hopefully it doesn't cause too much confusion for the newbies that these videos are intended for.
                        I'll use my chipped Viper set for the Pace Cars video. Does that sound good?
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                          ^ It was a suggestion, be a little more receptive to the "constructive crits". - as you said you're free to do what you want. We're just picking on little details.

                          I think it takes a lot of passion and drive to do what you're doing. So congrats you know?


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                            I know. I was being touchy. It just felt a little like nitpicking. I do appreciate the feedback. I just never thought the cars were such a big deal.


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                              Great video. Very informative. I wouldn't have known they were digital cars. You do a great job of presenting what the power base can do and how to avoid problems. Well done!