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Pioneers made for Carrera Digital?

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    It varies from car to car. I have a couple of really quiet Pioneers, but the one I just got for FD was much louder. I'm not entirely sure how to quiet it down, but it usually comes down to gear mesh.


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      I still need to chip my only pioneer, the red charger, but I noticed it is louder than my carrera cars. I only have 4 sidewinder type cars, 3 of them are the Monagram fairlanes they are the loudest of them all, I keep thinking I'm hearing the gear griding on the track it is so loud. the pioneer is not nearly as loud I like it alot, very good quality


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        Glad to hear you got it on the track and running.
        If you took any pics of it I would like to see how it turned out.

        Mine also has more gear noise than my other cars, it may just be the body design. Some cars seem to echo the gear noise more than others. But sidewinders do seem a little nosier.



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          Pioneer Charger Pics

          On Track

          Chassis from underneath. Removed the DPR plug box from the top of the cover plate, but making holes for the LED and switch was the easiest step of all.

          Chip mounted in chassis. I had to solder the motor wires directly to the chip to save room, and because the tiny original chip wires broke off after too much handling.

          Interior floors cut away to make room for chip. You can see daylight up through the passenger side. When the car is assembled, you can see the chip inside if you look down into the footwell. When on track, it's not visible.


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            I find if you put some toothpaste or even liquid 3M finishing compound on the gears and run it stationary for 10-15 minutes at a lower speed and then clean it out really well the noisey gear mesh on the monogram and pioneers goes away. I have had to do it several times but the difference is amazing. Got the tip from a write up on the vintage monogram nascars and tried it.


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              Nice work Phil, it looks like turned out pretty good.
              Looks great on your track I may have to get one of those too.

              Thanks for the pics


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                Originally posted by ottawaslotter View Post
                I find if you put some toothpaste or even liquid 3M finishing compound on the gears and run it stationary for 10-15 minutes at a lower speed and then clean it out really well the noisey gear mesh on the monogram and pioneers goes away. ...
                Yep - I've done that in the past with a few Carreras, and it helped. I just didn't know what to expect from a sidewinder, and wasn't sure if this level of noise was normal. If I have time I'll run in the gears with some toothpaste this weekend.

                @Randy - thanks. It is a sharp looking car. Tonight I added a little CA glue on the bottom of the passenger seat, which was wobbly loose after all the cutting. Otherwise, it's done, and I'm glad.


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                  Pioneer noise comparison

                  I tried running the gears in toothpaste for a while, and if the noise changed at all, it may have gotten a little louder. Here are short videos that compare the Pioneer with a Carrera and a





                  The difference in sound is obvious. The Pioneer runs great and behaves very well on the track. I'm just hoping someone can tell me whether that motor noise is typical of the Typhoon sidewinder motor configuration. If so, I'll just live with it. But if mine is unusually noisy, I'll run in the gears some more or try other suggestions you might have.

                  Thanks for the help,
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                    Sounds pretty normal to me. Of the three I have, they're all similar to that. One of the guys in DRAWW (we just ran the Pioneer cars in a series) has a pretty quiet one.

                    Carrera cars are probably the quietest of the "big 4" slot companies, and is even more quiet. Rest assured that Pioneer cars are not the loudest by far. Wait until you get some fly cars. ;-)

                    Pioneer motors aren't especially smooth and quiet, but the vibration is only enhanced by the gear mesh and configuration.

                    So, no, you don't have what I would call a loud Pioneer, just a Pioneer.

                    Can it be quieted more? Probably. Look for ways to reduce vibration, such as gluing in the motor, the axle bushings, checking for bend axles, wheels and such. In the end, if it really bothers you, I believe the motor is the same format as Scalextric and motors, and you would also be able to replace the gears for a better, quieter mesh.


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                      Thanks Greg. That's what I wanted to know.


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                        This gear noise issue has more to do with the contact patch of pinion to spur. The great surface area of plastic2plastic, the greater the noise. We are considering making the spur gear slimmer. This does reduce the noise.

                        I find that some of the models have the spur gear quite tight up against the flange plate on the pinion. It should not be actually in contact there, that adds to friction and noise. Generally, I find that easing the pinion further down the shaft away from the spur - by a few hairs - makes it better.

                        Unfortunately, the assembly workers think that the end plate on the pinion is some kind of stop and insist on butting them up tight. That end plate is simply best practice plastic design and is there simply to stop the pinion from splitting down a gear channel.

                        Fly an Scalextric have a similar contact patch as the Pioneers, hence the similar noise. Autoart, for example, use a narrow spur and are fairly quiet as a result.

                        Nice work with that Carrera Digital conversion, DrumPhil.



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                          Your attention to detail is much appreciated, as is obvious by all your loyal fans on this site. Keep up the good work. (And thanks again for the replacement axle.)


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                            I may be picking up a Pioneer for a Carrera mod to when I have a little experience. I'm going to do a Carrera evolution car first though to get my feet wet, so to speak. Especially if they get the AMC Javelin out.


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                              Converting Pioneer to D132 is not too bad, especially if it's a DPR model. Just be prepared to cut away a fair amount of the interior floor to make room for the chip. And be sure to leave access to magnet locations if you want to move or remove the magnet.


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                                Hi Guys
                                I think DrumPhil got the quite one

                                Have a listen to mine

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