Initial thoughts

My first impression is that a Carrera-ready chassis would be very similar to a Scaley-DPR chassis. The wiring loom would need to terminate in a plug set that accepts the plugs from Carrera chips. Also the chassis would need openings in the floor to allow the lane-change LED and directional switch to operate properly.

Carrera's own analog cars that are digitally-upgradable have a screw hole for securing the chip in place. This would be best, but a flat spot on which to glue the chip or attach it with double-sided foam tape could also be an option.

Finally, the car's interior would need to allow space (usually around the driver's feet area) for the appropriate model of Carrera chip.

Those of you who have chipped cars for Carrera, please add anything that I've missed.

It does not seem to me that these mods would violate any Carrera patents or proprietary technology, unless Carrera is using a proprietary wiring connector. But to advertise the functionality, Pioneer would probably need Carrera's permission, right? I'm not knowledgeable on these legal issues; surely the two companies would need to talk it through.