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Carrera car on Scalextric track?

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  • Carrera car on Scalextric track?

    How hard is it to convert a Carrera car to run on Scalextric digital track?

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    You might want to ask that in the general digital forum. In this forum people would most likely be going from Scalex to Carrera.


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      Good thinking, DK. I've moved the Thread over here, now.


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        Post a pic of the car open if you can. I have done a few difficult Fly front motor cars, I am sure it can be done. You will probably get a better response if you at least give the car description as not all carrera chassis' are the same, or maybe they are have not seen one.


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          I've done 4 Carrera cars so far, and plan at least one more soon. They're no harder than any other car. just a matter of finding room for the chip and either working around or removing any existing electronics, usually a large light board.


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            I could do with knowing this as well please. A frend of mine bught a decent Scalextric digital set and I bought my own car to run on it. Unbeknownst to me at the time, the car I bought was Carrera analogue.

            As a present they have bought me a C7006 chip to convert my car but will I be able to put a Scalextric chip in a Carrera car?


            I'm quite comptetant at this sought of stuff but really don't want to blow the chip and the exisiting car by fitting an incorrect part.

            Any help is appreciated as I really want to get this fella on the track.



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              Well, thought about this a lot more now. The original power supply from the braids comes in on a red and a black wire into a relay. My intention is simply to replace the braid wires with the new green and yellow wires and then solder the new power out wires (from the digi chip) to the original braid wires.

              I can't see a problem with this but can anyone else?


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                that is the correct procedure. just solder it inline between the motor and guide.

                you might need to drill a hole in the chassis directly behind the guide for the infrared eye..


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                  Boopie is right, as are you. That will get the car working on the track.
                  It will also, however, stop the lights from working, as those are going through the giant Carrera light board which takes it's power from the braids as well.
                  In this case, what I usually do is wire the green/yellow from the SSD chip to the MOTOR output of the Carrera light board. Since digital tracks are "always on", the power will flow through the light chip, lighting up the cars head and tail lights, and power the SSD chip. Then wire the red/black from the SSD chip to the carrera motor. You can test the correct polarity of the motor output by touching a 9V to the car's braids. If the chip is installed and working (green/yellow polarity doesn't matter), then the motor will spin the wheels. If they go the right direction, then you're good. If the go reverse, just swap the red/black wires on the motor. The last thing is locating the LED. It's hard to tell for sure, but it looks like there might be enough space between the carrera track polarity switch and the guide holder. You'll probably need to trim the guide a bit for it to work on the Scalextric track anyway, so a small hole in there for the LED to poke through about 1mm and you're golden.


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                    Thanks very much for your help guys. It's really appreciated.

                    I had to read your reply MrFlippant a few times in order to really understand it. I was proposing something different. I suggested using the green / yellow on the braids and simply soldering the chip output wires to the original braid wires. That way the original power input is still intact but with the digi chip in between but yours (and boopiejones) way makes a lot more sense, as well as making it a little more tricky.

                    Unfortunately, the tools I've got are no way near upto the job so it's going to have to go somewhere else.

                    Thanks again for the help.


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                      My bad. I assumed you were going to replace the original wires with the green/yellow. You can tap them both off the braids and run them in parallel, of course. That works just as well for keeping the lights working.

                      What tools do you think you need? All I can think of that this job requires is:
                      1) soldering iron (mine is a cheapie from Radio Shack) and solder
                      2) 1/8" Drill bit for the LED hole.
                      3) hot glue gun to hold things in place.

                      That will pretty much cover 90% of the chipping jobs out there, short the ones that require extensive mods to the chassis or interior.


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                        Right, all a fashion. I ended up taking the switch out of the car (it's the bit at the front with 6 prongs on). This is then enough space for the LED. Then I solded the chip in, as far as thecircuit is concerned, were the switch was. Was all running fine when I tested it except, forgot to prtect it from shorting.

                        Anyway, all I need now is a new chip and I'm good to go.

                        Thanksto all for your help.


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                          Ouch! I'm sorry that happened and apologize that we forgot to warn you about that.


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                            Ive tried the method by MrFlippant.

                            The car goes forward on its own and wont register. Also the led doesnt appear to be lit.

                            Is this a symptom of a fried chip?


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                              Probably deep fried.