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Carrera car on Scalextric track?

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    If a car goes on its own when placed on a digital track, it is operating as an analog car. The digital rails send power constantly, and an analog car sends it directly to the motor.

    When chipping a car, you have to make sure leads from the braids do NOT go directly to the motor.


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      So on a carrera with a SSD chip in, do you have to remove the grey wires from the Carrera lights board that go to the motor as well ?

      Ive done a few scalextric cars with an incar conversion but this is my first carrera.

      Is there anything else you need to do to a carrera car to operate under scaleyextric digtial?


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        Yes, you must remove the wires that go from the Carrera chip to the motor. You'll probably damage the Scalextric chip if you don't.
        Other than making sure the SSD chip gets power from the braids, sends power to the motor, and the LED pokes through a hole in the chassis on center, there's nothing to worry about. Oh, if there's any concern of parts of either chip touching and shorting parts of the other chip, put a piece of electrical tape between them.


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          With Carrera cars I always pull the light chip and switch, then run the scaly chip straight from the braid and then solder the lights and the chip leads to the motor and then use the switch hole for the led


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            Carrera Red Bull F1 Scalextric

            First post for me, two weeks ago I decided to re-visit my youth and bought the biggest Scalextrix digital set-up I could afford, already I've converted a number of analogue Scalextric F1 cars to digital with the retro fit chip with great success.
            After reading and digesting information from these forums I decided to chance my luck and bought a Carrera Red Bull F1 and fitted the Scalextric digital chip, car appears to work OK'ish but even with the guide rail sanded and shaved it just doesn't want to stay on the track, it's very skittish, rear wheels spin a lot and it just doesnt seem to run as smoothly as the Scalextric F1 cars, my question, is this just how it is or is there anything I can do to improve the handling.


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              Will Carrera AVUS cars run on Scalextric Sport track?

              Has anyone tried to race the Carrera AVUS cars (Links here: Auto Union and Mercedes) on Scalextric Sport track? I understand that these cars are 2.5" wide and 7" long and that the Carrera track is 3/4" wider between the slots than Scalextric Sport. Will the size of the cars make them difficult to drive on R1 and R2 Scalextric curves?

              Your experience would be appreciated.
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                It's not the size of the car, but the thickness of the guide. I've driven Carrera 1/24 cars on my track, including the new Ford GT, which is enormous. I have borders on both sides of the track in all the turns and most of the straight, so the size of the car is fine, but I had to use a thin guide in order for it not to keep getting stuck.


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                  Thanks, Mr. F.
                  Saw these cars for sale but not sure if they would fit side by side or around R1 turns on a Scalextric track. I understand the guide issue. I like the look of the cars but do not know how they would drive (about 1.5 inches longer than my La Ferrari).

                  PS Also read and replied on other thread.