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Which software system for racing control?

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  • Which software system for racing control?

    I am looking to upgrade our home track to include a computer link up. I currently race using the carrera digital system, so I think I may post a similar poll in the Carrera section as well, but I am interested in finding out what software system people are using for racing digital, and a few comment on why they use the system the do may also be interesting. I was hoping to set this up as a poll asking about x-lap, ultimate racer 3, and Bruce's software. Anyone else have any others that should be added let me know. I am still not sure if I can start a poll, or is that only for moderators. Thanks all, just finished racing the last 2 hours with my son. What a blast. Look forward to all your advice. thanks. Bill
    X-lap (carrera)
    Bruce Yinglin's race software
    ultimate racer 3.
    PC lap counter
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    No vote from me yet (edit: now there is)- but I didn't know UR3.0 supported D132?

    There aren't many (any?) users in North America, but very likely the most popular program for Carrera users in Europe, and hence worldwide, is Cockpit XP. It's very popular with analog and digital Carrera racers. Particularly German speaking Carrera racers.
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      I use Bruce's RMS for racing, but I use UR30 for layout design.


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        Bruceís software

        Love the random events

        Cheers from AUS


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          Does this poll include all digital systems? If so one really obvious missing choice is SSDC. If it is just for Carrera digital, I'd be curious what the 'other' vote represents.


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            I use SSDC.


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              Originally posted by b.yingling View Post
              Does this poll include all digital systems? If so one really obvious missing choice is SSDC. If it is just for Carrera digital, I'd be curious what the 'other' vote represents.
              From post #1 I am assuming itís only for Carrera Digital.
              I agree that it would be nice to know what people are using.

              Other could stand for lap counter or maybe a guy standing at the end of the track holding up his fingers to indicate how many laps you have done?



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                Originally posted by Scootcar50 View Post
                From post #1 I am assuming it’s only for Carrera Digital.
                I agree that it would be nice to know what people are using.
                Unfortunately, the title doesn't specify Carrera, and the original post just says 'what software system people are using for digital racing', so I'm fairly certain the voters have come from other digital systems as well. Nothing wrong with that, but it doesn't tell us much since one of the most popular programs for Scaley digital- SSDC- isn't even listed.

                I'll ask this again: does UR3.0 support D132/D124 systems? I didn't think that it did. Can someone tell me that it definitely does or doesn't? I thought the only digital system it supported was Davic?
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                  I assumed this was about carrera only, since the OP mentions carrera several times, and the choices are carrera only.

                  I don't know if UR3 supports Carrera, but I know it's had SSD listed for a long time, but the functionality is not actually in there yet. Maybe they did the same with Carrera... listed it, but not really supported it yet.


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                    If the voter's have been Carrera digital users only, I'd like to know what the three 'other' voters are using?

                    Maybe there are Cockpit XP users on SCI?

                    If you take the time to vote in a poll like this, and then vote 'other', it would be really helpful if you posted a short message saying what 'other' represents...
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                      I am interested in answering several questions. I guess the first is, do many people link their tracks to a computer? How do they do it. What software is available? What hardware is needed? Is the software compatable between different tracks? In my situation, would I be better served to upgrade from my older timer (carrera 30342) to then new and buy a postion tower, or just link to a computer. What is the biggest reason for linking to a computer? How functional is the hardware and software available. Is it quick to set up once running. The Carrera timer is so small it is not very good for racing. It is difficult to read and I feel the computer screen would seem to be much more informational and practical in a race. I hope to learn from others what the best link up is, or if many find that it is unneeded and impractical. Thanks.


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                        I get several benefits out of using Bruce's software on a computer:
                        -When running with fuel mode, each driver can see their fuel gauge on the screen. That means I don't have to buy four driver displays and figure out where to mount them on my track.
                        - When I want to test cars against each other or compare the effects of tuning a car, the software keeps track of my best lap times and average speed, so I don't have to scribble notes all the time.
                        - The biggest thing is race management when we have a bunch of people racing. The software lets me put in all the names, and will rotate the drivers so that we all race equal heats -- and tracks the totals for the whole event. It also has several point systems, if you want to use scoring for a series. It makes it easy to keep the racing going with minimal interruptions between heats.
                        - Our racers frequently comment how much they like the voice announcements -- introducing each driver, announcing who is leading the race, and so on. It's almost like there is a broadcaster covering the race.

                        If I only ever raced alone or with one other person, I would get a couple of driver displays and the new lap counter and be done with it. But for race management with a group, using the computer is SO much easier and more fun.


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                          Re: compatability between tracks.

                          If you mean, will the software work with another brand of digital? The only software I know that works with more than one digital brand is PC Lapcounter.

                          If you mean can I use the software on another track of the same brand, well, yes, of course, as long as the track has the hardware required to hook to a computer.


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                            Scalextric Sport Digital Console - SSDC

                            For digital racing I prefer SSDC. I also have pc lap counter, but haven't used it yet. I plan on giving it a try real soon


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                              N-Digital on PC

                              Hey Guys.........

                              A very interesting thread and for now I would like to ask here for advice on expanding the use of my control consol on the Ninco N-Digital system. What do I need to feed the output of this box, software/hardware??? as I have a Windows based PC ( running XP-Pro ) and a flat screen display, all which was given to me......

                              Can you give me or direct me to place where I can see some shots or vids of such a system being used ???

                              thanks for helping..