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Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) Useful Thread Links

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  • Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) Useful Thread Links

    If you're researching Scalextric Sport Digital (SSD) as a possible purchase for you and your family or friends, or you have already started your journey into digital with SSD, the threads linked below should help you find the answers and information you need.

    SCI now has a dedicated Scalextric Digital forum, here:

    Instructional Videos for the SSD C7042 Advanced 6 Car Power Base, aka the "APB"
    Part 1: "Basic Mode"
    Part 2: "Analog Mode"
    Part 3: "Pace Cars"
    Part 4: "Yellow Flag"

    Reference Posts about chipping cars, modding track and/or accessories, etc.
    SSD In-Car Microprocessor Compatibility Chart - some help for chipping cars
    All Wireless Options for SSD

    This post will be added to over time.
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    Excellent thread.


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      Please feel free to post links to your favorite SCI articles and forum threads. I'll edit the original post to include them as regularly as I can.

      In the same vein, similar threads for Carrera, SCXD, Ninco, Scorpius, and oXigen can also be started and I can sticky them.

      I'm also planning a new "All Digital" thread that lists pros and cons of each system.


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        I'm considering buying an SSD set some time soon. Your videos were extremely helpful and very well done. Thanks! 50s


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            Mr. Flippant...Confused about a basic issue:

            Are there two DIFFERENT Scalextric digital options? I keep seeing different threads for SSD and SCXD. This is all brand new to me, and I am trying to understand the differences and options more clearly.

            I found your SSD videos VERY helpful, and it turns out I have a local Scalex shop and dealer!



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              SSD = Scalextric Sport Digital, by Hornby.
              SCXD = SCX Digital, previously owned by TechniToys, now owned by Educa Borras.

              The confusion stems from an old trademark battle where the company that made Scalextric in Spain managed to keep the name, while everywhere else the Hornby product was called Scalextric. In spain, "Scalextric" is really SCX. In Spain, Scalextric is called "SuperSlot".

              The important thing to note is that SCX Digital and Scalextric Digital are not compatible in any way. Not the track, cars, controllers, or anything. I won't get into converting one brand to another, because while that is possible, it's best to wait until everything else is clear.

              If you're getting cars and track from Ranzume in FL, then it's probably SCX Digital, NOT Scalextric, so my links above aren't all that helpful, really. You want to read JJJ's thread about SCXD links.


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                Hey, thanks for the swift reply, Greg. In fact, Ranz is less than a MILE from my house, and I am going there tomorrow to check out the SCX gear. Now, thanks to you, I won't sound like a complete noob!


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                  SCX is fun stuff. The only think I would urge you to consider before getting into it too deeply is if their brand cars appeal to you, or if there are other cars that you like but that they do not provide. Chipping off-brand cars for SCX digital is the most challenging of all digital conversions. Chipping any brand, including SCX, for another brand such as Scalextric or Carrera, is relatively simple.


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                    Thanks! I am probably 6-8 months away from a serious purchase, anyway...But will keep that info in mind when the time comes.


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                      The nice part of coming to race with us at the Flea Market is you do not need to purchase anything other than the race to have fun with the 1/32 slot cars. For the cost of the race you are able to use one of our cars if you do not have your own, and you get a 40 lap race. Give yourself plenty of time to look at all of the different options available from all of the different systems. That way, when you finally make your decision of which set to go with, you will already know what you need to about it.

                      Each manufactuer has it's strengths and weaknesses. It's all personal preference as to what you plan to do with yours, but all are pretty good. We will try our best to answer your questions when you stop by.

                      Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!



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                        Will probably start another thread, just wanted to say I had a GREAT time, and was surprised my daughter did, as well...Just remind me never to let her drive a REAL Ferrari, if I get one (she had a habit of driving it off bridges).

                        Learned a LOT, and very happy to have a good digital slot expert so close to home.

                        Again, THANKS, Dave and Brandon at Ranzumze!


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                          I had a problem with my 7042 base. I just got my replacement today, with a v1.09 firmware upgrade to go with it. How long has this been available?

                          Thank you Scalextric - Hornby America for the quick replacement.


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                            V1.09 is a third party firmware update that is sanctioned by Hornby. Although I'm a little surprised they installed the firmware for you, I do think it's really cool. I also had all confidence in their customer support, but it's always good to know they're maintaining a high standard. Thanks for letting us know!


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                              I provided cables to Margate that were shipped to the USA service guys. Interesting that they fully embrace the new code whereas in the UK you have to do it yourself....