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Routed track digital conversion, in phases

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    Phase 3 complete

    Finally managed to get some work done on the track. Late last fall, what started as a few copper tape fixes to a few small issues with the wire rails ended in taping the entire track. Since I was able to do it in short sections, winter's temperature swings have not cause any peeling.

    Early this year I purchased two Scorpius flipper assemblies. Well worth the ~$30, and (except for my problem of locating one over a table support) only took an hour or so to install each one. One is installed just before the broad curve leading onto the back straight (from Lane4->Lane3), the other was installed in the actual pit entrance.

    So now this phase of construction is complete, except for the addition of a few more track beacons to aid in smart car syncing.

    Each lane has one LC to switch into another lane, and you also rotate thru the lanes due to the crossover. It is possible to mainly circulate in Lane2, or mainly in Lane3 by repeatedly choosing an LC, and then letting the crossover move you back into your original lane. Every lane can pit in less than 2 laps.

    Here's a couple of pics of the new LC's. I'm working on a "helicopter fly-over" video of the track, we'll see how it turns out.


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      Glad you found the flipper assemblies easy to install Ryk.
      Keep up the good work



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        It's been a while since I posted on the track. There was time this year to actually do some running and racing. A small group (4) has formed, we've been getting together almost every week this fall. Our first 6 weeks we ran CanAm cars- or 3D printed chassis with pods. We're running mag-free, though the computer driven car has a magnet to help it turn consistent laps at the same speeds we're running.
        We just switched over to LeMans cars ('66-'67) (still pods), as the drivers were complaining it was getting too cold in the open cockpit cars.

        Here's a couple of pics of the pit action. I have a video "flyover" and a bit of racing I'll post soon.
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          Overall track pics

          It's a bit hard to get a full track shot (it's "crammed" under the edge of my barn roof, and uses the full width & length). These two shots give a decent idea of the overall layout.
          I have a short video about ready, just need to decide where to upload it.


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            YouTube, if you please. It is the most accessible for viewers.


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              Video fly-over

              Here's a quick "fly-over" video of the track, with a couple of short racing clips.