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    Originally posted by Drewbert34 View Post
    That reminds me, does the oXigen lane change chips include anti-crash? I know they have created for Scaley.
    No. And neither does Scaley. They were working on it, but nothing has been released to the public.
    Niether did your Carrera until you installed third party hardware. ;-) Unfortunately, similar hardware or firmware updates are not yet available for Scalextric or oXigen.


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      As a system of record, in case anyone else happens to be looking for this info...

      Magnet placement for o2 equipped car for lap counting on Carrera track:

      A. You will need 4 magnets (I used Carrera rear magnets)

      B. You will need to test which side of the magnet to install facing up (per o2 instructions). I tested this by waving the magnet underneath the reed switch while the car is powered from the rails. If the car jumps forward, that is the side you want facing up, under the track.

      C. Hot glue gun...but if unsure, use Blue tack if you have it. These instructions are so that you can use hot glue and be "one and done" vs. the frustration of glue / assemble / check / unassemble / relocate / glue / check, etc.

      I couldn't find any solid info on how far away the magnet placement should be. This is what I learned after a few trial and error attempts at proper location with hot glue (grrrr...busted knuckes and bleeding everywhere...don't ask!). Do not place the magnets under the actual CU track piece, this will be much too close to the sensor. Your laps will not count.

      For proper spacing, which allows time for the IR sensor you installed to be illuminated while passing over the CU IR receiver, place magnets under the track piece prior to the CU track. You will want the left end of the track (when viewing from the CU side of the track), prior to where it connects to the CU track. Depending on the magnets you use, you may have to allow space due to the red track clips. if using Carrera magnets like I did, glue them perpendicular to the slot on each side prior to where the red track clips reside once the track pieces are mated.

      Notice I said 4 magnets? It's a good idea to install magnets on both sides of the slot. This will allow for installation of the o2 reed switch on either side of the chassis and keep you from having to pull your track up more than once.

      Hope this helps someone
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        More somewhat hard to find information to help Hybrid o2 / Carrera users:

        You will need to solder up a IR emitter to the o2 type B chip to enable lane changing / lap counting with the stock Carrera IR receivers.

        My questions were:

        What do I buy?
        What works?
        Where do I find the info?
        How do I verify it works if I need to troubleshoot?

        I'm sure it's somewhere else, but here goes:

        I've verified these work just fine and are pretty robust. I bought a pack of 100 off ebay pretty cheap:

        Specs are:

        Brand: Chanzon

        3mm IR LED
        Color: IR 940nm
        C/V: 20mA 1.2-1.5v


        1. Be certain to notate the poles of the emitter and match to the polarity of the IR emitter pads on the o2 chip. The longer run of the emitter with be the "+" which will need to go to the "+" emitter pad.

        2. Once chip is completely installed, verify IR function by placing o2 chipped car on the track so that it has power and use your cell phone camera in order to see the IR emitter function when pressing the lane change button on your SCP controller.

        Note: Another option is to utilize the stock o2 IR emitter; thereby, negating the need for the above and wire in additional IR receivers under the track rails. This is a nice option because it would be a "one and done" situation. The downside is that due to the deep slot of Carrera track, it would not be a good option for tracks that are in the floor or that need to be flush mounted to a surface that you cannot alter to allow room for the IR receiver. Also, you would need to be careful not to protrude the receiver into the slot as it could be struck / damaged by deep running guide blades.

        Hope this helps
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          Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
          No. And neither does Scaley. They were working on it, but nothing has been released to the public.
          Niether did your Carrera until you installed third party hardware. ;-) Unfortunately, similar hardware or firmware updates are not yet available for Scalextric or oXigen.

          I saw / read the thread about anti-crash, but being so new to o2, I am unaware of availability and such.

          Obviously, I already have the Carrera chip. Added to that is the DRS chip. I imagine trying to also wire in a o2 chip would be a nightmare...if doable at all.

          Maybe the o2 chip and the DRS chip could work well together; however, from your indication, the o2 ghost car function is lacking in the change lane feature, so that means sticking with Carrera boards.

          What I am learning is full o2 doesn't sound like a good option for my application, but a hybrid seems the way to go Fully understanding that my application isn't their bread and butter.

          I bet they will get there


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            Originally posted by Drewbert34 View Post
            So, I just built 2 of these. Both work great for lane changing, but cause "jump starts" at the start of a race.

            I didn't study the schematic like I should have. I just noticed "maximum speed"...why is throttle input needed to emulate a lane change?
            Solder Black to Green. That's all you need for lane changing with an oXigen chipped car in Carrera compatibility mode. You do not need resistors or to do anything with the other wires.

            This way, you won't have jump starts.
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