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Wireless Trigger Type Controller for Carrerra Digital

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    Originally posted by MrFlippant View Post
    I love choices... but $120 shipped is a big pill when the only difference (that I can see) is that it's trigger rather than plunger.

    Doesn't mean I won't buy one... just that I wished it were less, and it will probably wait until I have nothing better to spend that money on. ;-)


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      From the photo, it shows it was purchased from Slot Car Dreams. How long did it take to get to you? PayPal? How are the instructions on programming and connecting to the Carrera receiver?


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        Originally posted by rjhike View Post
        From the photo, it shows it was purchased from Slot Car Dreams. How long did it take to get to you? PayPal? How are the instructions on programming and connecting to the Carrera receiver?
        I had it in less than a week. I was shocked how fast it got here in fact! Yes, PayPal.

        Pairing was exactly like the Carrera remote (aside from turning on the controller with the on/off switch)

        There is a Wiki available online that answered a lot of my questions
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          we should have ours shortly and will post our thoughts.



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              lol, it better be worth the wait.


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                Follow up to this...

                In one particular class (GT3) a friend and I both have Carrera C7 Corvettes. My using the Frankenslot controller and my buddy using a stock Carrera controller.

                Same for same (Cars, Razor trued axles, Paul Gage tires). More recently, we pulled the stock rear magnet.

                My car just handled so much better than his. I tried everything I could to even out the difference. I swapped everything but the motor between cars to try and find why my car handled so much better.

                We also swapped cars / controllers so I could try his car to see if he was just over-driving the was not even in the same league as my car in handling.

                At a loss for an explanation, I decided to bind his car to my controller...sure enough, it handled like my car, mostly. This C7R of his has a very strong stock's very peaky down low where the motor in my car is very smooth / predictable. At any rate, the largest difference in the 2 cars was the controller.


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                  Originally posted by dirtyroadie View Post
                  So, if I understand this correctly, the SCP controllers (when used with the oXigen digital cart and CRI) can be used wireless with Carrera digital, but the knobs on the side don't work with digital?

                  Does that mean it's then just a trigger type wireless controller with a lane change button at that point?

                  Sorry if I misunderstood, but I've been interested in the SCP-02 for a while now.

                  I know this is old, but I wanted to reply as it's not completely true. The brake knob doesn't work if wired to a Carrera CU or if used with a CRI which is plugged into a Carrera CU. All other knobs function just fine.


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                    1) So as home racer with no experience with upgrade controllers, I think I'm hearing you guys say that this frankenslot is not an upgrade to performance over the stock carrera digital controllers - correct?

                    2) what upgrade controller for digital carrera would be a good try to see the affect of improved performance?


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                      Re-reading the thread, it looks like the main advantage is that it's a trigger controller, rather than thumb-plunger. If you're more familiar/experienced with trigger controllers, it will be an upgrade just because you'll be more comfortable with it.

                      The option, either wired or wireless, is more expensive, but it does provide more tuning of the throttle curve. As Drewbert clarified, it's only the brake knob that has no effect on control with Carrera Digital. The other knobs all are for adjusting how the throttle curve is shaped, and therefore how the car will drive. These options are quite nice, and as I've been using a controller for all of my analog racing, and some of my digital racing, I would not be able to give it up.

                      Maybe there's another new option out there?


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               SISCP201D SCP-2 Universal Digital Controller or Slot It SISCP01D Digital Controller F?


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                          For wireless control of your Carrera digital system using the controller, you would need the following:
                          Universal Digital cartridge for SCP-1 and SCP-2 electronic controllers
                          SCP-2 Electronic controller
                          Oxigen cartridge
                          2.4GHz oXigen radio receiver for SCP cartridges

                          The tricky part is getting all four without buying two controllers, because it seems that they are only providing the universal digital cart, and the oXigen cart, as part of a controller bundle. Talk to your retailer about getting the specific things you need.
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