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BISTLAP - Laptimer for Carrera Digital

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  • BISTLAP - Laptimer for Carrera Digital

    Yes.. I know.. X-Lap is a (ugly) remember of the past and in these years lots of work was done to give us a better laptimer...

    My friend Bist (C# programmer and Carrera SlotDriver), after trying other RMS, decided to build his own lapcounter - BISTLAP -, where I am one of the the beta-testers.

    The aim of BISTLAP:
    - simple Race Management
    - powerful in options and settings
    - reliable, managing STOPs by users, CU resets, cable unplugging and other bad stuffs.

    - System Specs: PC Win 7 - 8 - 10
    - CU (never tested on the old BB)
    - USB cable.

    After 6 months from the start, the program is almost ready to be translated in English ('cause it was first intended for Italians as we are) and released for the rest of the world.

    Altough is quite easy to use, lot of stuff were added in these 6 month.. Luckly, Bist has already written a Tutorial page, in which he explains all the goods in this lap counter

    Needless to say that BISTLAP is our Club official laptimer and I'm very proud (and lucky) to be one of the the beta-testers.

    Since is totally FREE... why don't give a try?
    latest version available on this page (by clicking on the version number):

    Let me know if You like it and I'll forward to the coder (..yes.. beta tester AND forum spammer.. sorry)

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    Does this program only use lap racing ?
    I d/l the program and couldn't find timed racing.


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      A written tutorial on how to use the program? That alone puts Bistlap ahead of all the other OEM and 3rd party timing programs. It is hard to take a company seriously when they only rely on cartoons to explain their software. I wish you great success.


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        @jaybo: yes. lap racing only.
        @ JDR: there's only the tutorial page I've linked in my first post.

        I know: there are other lapcounters full of stuffs and informations (i.e. Bruce's one), but this program is intended for those who want something simple and stable for their races. At my club, we have ALL WE NEED with this program.
        (it's not true: I'd like to transport the race result in our online pages , but I know every club want THEIR OWN different pages...

        In the last version he added other stuffs ( car speed depending of damage, online score table recalling by QRcode).
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          Is this program only for digital, or can it be used with analog too?


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            Carrera-Digital Only, since is based on Carrera Digital Protocol.

            The author has in developement an "Analog-Project" based on this experience, (software and hardware kit)... but it's another story...