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  • Custom digital track

    I plan to with the help of cnc routing a track featuring set in Scalextric lane changer and power base ! Has anyone done this and with what results. Connectors would be used for power continuance !

    TX : Al

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    I have wood digital track in progress. It isn't finished yet so I can't report yet how well it works. I inlaid the powerbase section but I am building my own lane changers using model train switching motors (solenoids). The wood track section here would probably be the best place to research. There also is a pretty large SSD fanbase on the Slot Forum International site. There are several threads on wood/digital hybrid tracks there.



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      I did it with Carrera.

      Best idea ever. All the benefits of wood, all the benefits of digital. My recommendation, install lots of lane changes and make your pit area big.


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        Al, Have you made any progress in your search?

        I started my wood SSD track late last summer but with the approaching marriage of my daughter in September, I set the project aside. After a 7 month hiatus I finally got back to it this week. Here are a couple of pictures related to your question.
        Here is a shot of my Scalextric APB let into the racing surface.

        and the recess.

        AS you can see the brain portion of the APB base has been cut off and extended. This allows the controls and the tower to be mounted remotely. It is a relatively straight forward thing to do.

        As already mentioned, I am not using the Scalextric LC's. I opted to build my own which hasn't been started yet. I plan to start my first one after a vacation next week. Here is a tidbit I learned about the the SSD LC's. You can change the default direction of the LC by pulling the cover off of the switching solenoid and simply flipping the solenoid over.


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          Remember if you sink plastic pieces in the routed wood, the metal pickups will affect cars with magnets in them, cars with no magnets won't be affected at all. (its noticeable) fast drivers with no magnets will bump into magnet cars as they are slowed by the metal pickups every time they cross the embedded plastic sections..

          Also I suggest making the lane changer work to the outside or slower route.. You don't want to make laps quicker to change lanes, you want it to make the better drivers have to work around slower traffic. Its more fun anyhow ...

          Also if you have a fast track, not a big road course you only really need 1 lane change and a decent length pit lane (3-4 feet min). Our 3 lane oval runs under 4 second laps with a shuffle built in, and with only 1 switch and rotating thru 3 lanes you are still crossing the lane change every 11 seconds after 3 60 foot laps... Also learning the skill of drafting, and crossing the lane shuffle with 6 cars at near top speeds ends up being the most satisfying part of racing.


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            On my track, using Carrera hardware, I removed the rails. I then filled the voids with Bondo, painted and taped over. Because of that technique, I was able to make my lane changes any shape I wanted.



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              If you're actually racing, I think having to wait more than a lap to get around someone can be frustrating, especially at the end of the race. I'd recommend one lc per lane, and more if you have a larger track. My track is 3-lane 96', with one lc per lane + pit. There are times it would be nice to have another opportunity in each lane, but it's not enough to cause frustration.

              A note on one of the differences between digital and analog. My wood track is converted from analog. While analog, I felt the chicane sections I'd put in were too long, and too many (4 spots in 96' lap). Now, the better we get as drivers, the more fun those sections are. You really have to plan where to make your passes, running nose to tail thru the chicane sections is hair-raising at times (and a real blast), and car traffic/passing/racing seem very realistic. Every race seems to have a "I can't believe we made it through there!" moment. Great fun.