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Track sections discontinued ?

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  • Track sections discontinued ?

    Did Scalextric discontinue mfg of section C7010 (in-out corner LC ) ? Al

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    All of the CLCs have been discontinued, I believe.


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      Yep... but they are sometimes available on the interweb auction sites.


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        discontinued !

        Was it because of performance or lack of sales ? Thanks for your replies ! Al


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          Lack of sales is probably a big part of it, but they also interfere with the analog function of the C7042 base.

          As DVD said, they're not hard to find if you're persistent.


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            Discontinued track !

            Thanks everyone for your input ! It sad for me as I never plan to race analog again as an old fart we use to dream about the ability to tailgate a fellow competitor and now its a reality ! PS I bought a Platinum set just recently and await my custom built foundation ! Four sections totalling 4' x 10' 6" ! Al


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              keep dreaming

              Once you start racing scaly digital,
              you will learn tailgating will not allow you to pass.

              Believe you want to build an oval for your buds.
              About 10 years ago had picture posted here of oval built on 8 ft by 30 inch plastic table.
              From foggy memory :
              It used in and out curved changers , right AND left pit lanes, and 1/2 single straights.
              Three lanes (432) one end and two lanes other (32),
              with only one real lane.
              Guys really enjoyed racing it.
              You can build the same using straight dual changers
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                The discontinuance of the curved lane changer is just like Scalextric Sport track not offering the Classic straight crossover track. I guess they are uncomfortable offering both a curved and straight track accessory together! A shame on both fronts.

                Jim Norton
                Huntsville, AL


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                  the curved lane changer was a problem for analog use unless user converted it
                  the curve x track is only good to force newbie digital user to change lanes
                  but anyone who uses any x track has never raced digital where the bashing does not need assistance


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                    I must be one of the few who liked the CLC. I now only have one in my lay out because most folks did not like the others. No problem with one though. It allows you to cut in as opposed to going around one more turn where your opponent can catch up again.

                    You tailgate until the next opportunity to pass presents itself.

                    I love digital as it allows actual racing.


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                      The beauty of Digital racing !

                      Finally I,m not alone ! Earlier I had mentioned tailgating as a welcomed feature in digital . One replied that this is not a means to pass ! You see, in analog slot car racing you own a lane however in digital you must earn your prefered lane just as in real racing and tailgating is one method of pressuring the leading car into a mistake . I feel digital racing is much closer to the real thing and "now" its necessary to know where all competitors are on the track and what their next move might be ! Great fun however all drivers must understand this new criteria as black flags are not feasible, I don't think ?


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                        Yes, you must look as to what is coming up ahead to determine when to make a move.
                        Often I follow the leader and cant get past in the other lane. I watch for traffic up ahead and try and time it so the other driver gets blocked by the slower car(s) as I go around in the less preferred lane. When it happens, the joy of digital racing is about as high as it gets.


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                          digital realistic racing !

                          I would race you anytime , your attitude and understanding racing is refreshing !


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                            Its a shame you guys haven't had a chance to try 3 lane wood routed digital...


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                              It certainly is.

                              What 3 lane routed digital track do you have the great fortune to race on?