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    My friends and I have built quite a few .. one guy used to change his about twice a month so there have been many different tracks.. we typically race this one anymore ... road course with an oval option by throwing a couple levers...
    One of my friends with a big road course is considering changing to a smaller two level track.. so we may rebuild that one this winter.


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      AWESOME! I'd love to see more of this track. Web sites, forum posts, videos, whatever. Any you can share? I looked through your other videos and I recognized the one from several years ago, but hadn't seen this latest one yet.


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        Originally posted by Pal-Al View Post
        Finally I,m not alone ! Earlier I had mentioned tailgating as a welcomed feature in digital . One replied that this is not a means to pass ! You see, in analog slot car racing you own a lane however in digital you must earn your prefered lane just as in real racing and tailgating is one method of pressuring the leading car into a mistake . I feel digital racing is much closer to the real thing and "now" its necessary to know where all competitors are on the track and what their next move might be ! Great fun however all drivers must understand this new criteria as black flags are not feasible, I don't think ?
        Why would you tailgate and “maybe”’win (while the others catch up) when you can pass and win outright?