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Tyco track with debossed letters?

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  • Tyco track with debossed letters?

    Well, I'm clearing out a bunch of stuff and figuring out if it's worth selling, and I came across a bunch of Mattel/Tyco track with debossed (raised) letters at each of the track joins. I cannot imagine that these letters do not disrupt the flow of the car... does anyone know why this was done?

    I'm gonna toss the track, but I'm curious...


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    Believe it was only on the pieces during the Mattel years, Bob...

    It was to match the pieces in the set layout assembly instructions...

    Seems a simple ink-stamp on the sections would have been
    cheaper and better... ???... Even a small sticker...



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      What did one Cessna say to the other when Airforce One was landing? "It's deboss, plane, deboss!"

      Am pretty sure the Tyco pieces were similarly produced.

      Am guessing the intent was for the chilblings to not break off the tabs, incurring return expenses.

      The lettering sands right off. I had forgotten about them...

      The upside is when joined, the Tyco/Mattel track has straight rails without the squiggle every section.

      Tyco lane spacing is also uniform if running a 4 lane track.

      I am all set, but I will bet some folks here would like them if you are tossing them out.
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        Thought he was speaking of these...



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          And perhaps you are right!

          I dunno, tossing that stuff might be for the best after all. Perhaps it works well, have never used that type of track.

          Maybe a collector/restorer could use it.


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            I believe the letters were done to mark each type of piece, rather than referring to it as "9" straight" or "9" radius 1/4 curve" or something.

            If you're throwing it out, send some my way, I can always use extra track! Nobody wants Mattel track, so I never feel bad sanding the letters down, shining the rails up, and running it. Ends up pretty good after a little elbow grease.


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              And there is a good home now!


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                Gek, that lettering (9", etc.) was on the bottom.


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                  Gecko, PM sent