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2 Hour G-Jet Enduro

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  • 2 Hour G-Jet Enduro

    James Banta went out of his way to host a super fun filled 2 Hour Enduro for G-Jet cars at his KLK Raceway. The Scorpion track was in great shape and the HOST Porsche 919s held up to the abuse. Couple photos. Check out our Facebook AHORA for more info.


    THE Fat Ba*tards winning team.

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    GW, Sounds like a lot of fun, the body paint jobs are incredible!!
    Any specs for arm voltage or parts used as the G-Jet format seems to have splintered into various forms??


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      Thanks for the compliment. Once again Bob Dame of HOST bodies did a fantastic job of molding them. I enjoyed painting them. Doing IROC and having them color coded to the lane makes the event more fun and easier to run.

      We ran a standard #915 G-Jet with some very early BSRT C4 traction magnets that have been treated to lower the strength with heat and some sanding. We have brand new people who have never driven an HO slot car so we wanted to give them some downforce but not overwhelming to the point the pros are pinned. We have found through testing that 14 vdc works well in this format.

      Probably for the 2018 race I will eliminate the traction magnets and run a standard 915 G-Jet with sized coated tires. I am going to test that setup before deciding.

      Our G-Jet series though is run with completely stock G-Jets with allowance for balanced trued arm, replacement silver or gold BSRT electrical parts and BSRT bushings. But we kinda "kick down" the silver, gold electrical parts by mandating the G-Jet pickup shoe.


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        Very nice, LOL and yet another version of the G-Jet format, lite traction mags.
        Many clubs run 6 ohm arms, rear weights, slip on rear tires with reduced voltage including our club.
        I'm still playing with P/U spring tension and independent vs. static front end sets.


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're next on the bucket list are you ready for me to come and see you?


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            Nice looking class of cars. Looked like fun. I think I recognize a fw of the guys. Especially the one wearing the blue shirt. LOl
            Thank You for the photos.

            John Stezelecki