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Body Pins and Helicopter Tape

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  • Body Pins and Helicopter Tape

    The late, lamented Bruce Beaulieu used to provide the vacuum-formed bodies for my Rattler series of cars. He used small brass pins to mount the body to my chassis'. Those pins were held in place with what he called 'helicopter tape'.

    Bruce's brass body pins were about 0.031 inches in diameter with flat heads about 0.100 inches in diameter.

    And his 'helicopter tape' -- just barely visible here -- as a rectangle about 3/4 inch long by 3/8 inch wide, covering the pin heads.

    I'd like to find a source for both those items. Can anybody give me a clue?

    Thanks in advance,
    Ed Bianchi

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    I have not heard of helicopter tape. I have always used parachute tape. Used to be available from Wizzard High Performance.


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      Body pins, too, from WHP.


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        This is a direct reply from Bruce when I asked him the same question about six years ago. "The clear tape is made by Duck (not duck tape) and is it's EZ Start brand. I get it at Wal Mart in the packaging and mailing department. The red tape that I use to reinforce the pin holes is made by Permacel. I have had this tape for years and am down to my last roll. I got it where I used to work and it's highly unlikely you'd find that at Wal Mart. I suspect you would have to go to an industrial supply house to get it. Any good sticky tape will work really. All your doing is increasing the thickness in that area of the body so that the pin head doesn't pull though. Hope this has been of some help"


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          Parachute tape would be more for on the inside?

          The little dots I think Ed is trying to show (the images are small) looks similar to what Velochamp2 uses.


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            I have used parachute tape for over 40 years with no issues. If having abuse situations such as an enduro you can use simple clear tape over the pin heads (outside of body) for additional insurance. You can carefully remove the parachute tape to "refresh" after extended use.

            A great source for the parachute tape, aluminum, brass, clear plastic pins is

            The clear plastic pins work surprisingly well. I have used them for faster cars like magnet Super Stocks with no problems.

            The aluminum pins are thicker in diameter than the brass so it gives you more choices.


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              Scale Engineering has

              Body Tape:

              Super Sticky Reinforced Body Tape:

              Colors: Black, Green, Orange, Red, Yellow, White, Gray, Pink, Purple and Blue