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HOCOC Season Opener

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  • HOCOC Season Opener

    The track will be an oval for this race, we may run one class under the lights.

    For more information click here:

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    And it starts! Go fast and turn left!


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      Podium Shots

      NSC Sportsman podium

      Whelen Modified podium

      Jalopy podium

      Spec Stock podium

      Fairgrounds podium

      A race report has been posted on .


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        Richard, great photos!


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          The 'Spec Stock' winner, in the photo above, literally cruised to victory.

          I showed up at the race without a car to run in the 'Spec Stock' race, so Richard kindly lent me one. He apologized because he thought it would be slow. Not for the first time Richard got whupped by one of his own cars...

          Now 'Spec Stock' is a magnet car race -- one of the few HOCOC runs. And me, I'm not a magnet racer. Aside from the fact I bear a grudge going back to the 1970's that magnet racing hijacked HO slot racing and turned it into a competition for near-invisible missiles... well, actually, that's it. For me it took the fun out of racing. And if I'm not having fun, why bother?

          But Rich had given me a chance to race, so heck, why not?

          Turns out the car he lent me was a missile. One that could go around Richard's oval track flat out in any lane! Not only that, but it could outrun all of the other cars but one -- and only be off by a hundredth of a second or two per lap every so often. Not often enough to make up for all the other laps Rich's car was faster.

          I know, because I spent most of the race watching the timing and scoring screen. Like all the other cars, it was a blur, so not much fun to watch.

          I seriously considered throwing the race, so I could qualify for the consolation race -- where only folks who had not won that day could compete.

          Anyway, by the end of the race I had several laps up on the field, with no offs, and not ever having lifted once. Frankly, an embarrassing and hollow victory.

          To add to the ignominy, I crashed out of every other race that day, having accumulated seven offs before the end of each race. My only consolation is my cars were mostly strong -- podium competitors -- despite my inept driving.

          I asked to have my win scrubbed, because
          a) it wasn't my own car, and
          b) I wasn't really driving it!
          Heck, a toggle switch would have won with that car!

          But, as you can see by the podium, my victory was made official despite my protest. The second and third place finishers, who actually had to -- somehow -- control their insanely fast cars were deprived of due credit for their efforts.

          If anyone deserves credit, Rich does, for having put together a supremely fast car with ungodly handling. He really should have driven it himself. Again, not the first time he's been beaten with a car he loaned to another racer.

          Of course, if he had driven that car he would have been unmercifully ragged for his home track advantage!

          HOCOC's next 'Spec Stock' race will be held on a road course, which will limit the speeds and amp up the challenge -- thank goodness. I should have my own entry for that race, which I'll probably stuff into a wall seven times before the end of the race.

          Ed Bianchi
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            My MaxTrax oval is 33.7 feet long on average with 12 foot straights and 24 inch radius turns. When I was testing my cars all of them could run all of the lanes flat out. I thought that I had polished the rails before I did the testing, but just before the race I noticed that they needed a little more work, apparently because the fingernail buffing block that I used was worn out. I finished off the rails with a new block.
            On race day I only tested the car that I intended to race, the other cars stayed in the box.
            I noticed that during practice people were crashing their cars more than I had expected. With the rails perfectly clean all of the cars except for the one that Ed ran had to slow a bit for the turns or risk having a horrific crash. I should point out that we run oval races with track calls and dock a lap for each crash. I knew from practice that my car was not going to be the fastest. By the end of the race the car had come alive and had made up a lot of ground. I had gotten desperate enough to try running flat out and that cost me at least three laps, which was almost the margin of victory.
            When the cars got bunched up I could not tell my dark blue car from another one that had a similar paint scheme, in fact all of the darker colored cars were difficult to tell apart. Lap times were in the 1.3 second range.