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Pit stops: Does your club do them?

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    Sounds about right Gary.


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      Originally posted by fastlap View Post

      In years past, we would incorporate pit stops for fun. We only did it when we ran 100 lap races. When someone cam off the rule was that everyone stopped, so in theory the guys still in their respective lanes got an extra 5-15 feet before they actually came to a stop. Then we would put the offed car back on the track. The guy who came off could not start until all other cars were moving. If we caught that guy jumping the start he was given a 30sec time out. .
      This is strikingly similar to what we've done for the last 15+ years. The last couple years it has seemed it was harder for some to notice someone off, even being hollored at . So this year I put in some panic switches next to the stations that shut down the power. No relay involved. We'll see how that goes, .


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        If your track was REALLY dusty you would probably want to start out by using a vacuum cleaner. Vacuum cleaners are not always great at picking up very fine dust and unless yours has a HEPA filter or vents outside fine dust will go right through and eventually settle back on the track. That is why I vacuum a day or so before a race or if I am going to do some tire testing.