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    Ed, I forgot to ask. Does this mean that by proxy I now hold the lap record on your oval?


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      Yes Gerry, you hold the lap record by proxy.

      Which means your fabulous car plus MY legendary driving skills nailed it.

      And it means I'm back conjuring up slotcar magic in my dungeon workshop.

      I may need to offer a ride to another HOCOC driver for the open class competition next month. I'm not sure I'll be able to attend either event.

      And that sucks.

      But it may give a member who is a better driver than a fabricator a chance to show their stuff.

      Ed Bianchi


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        Ed, I'll have to admit that I had quite the chuckle reading your response. While your unavailability to attend races sucks, could I be so bold as to suggest Al or possibly Eric as proxy drivers for your forthcoming creation? We are running Open Class this coming Sunday (12/2) here at Juniper Raceway and then we have the bigger show coming up at LenJet on 12/9.

        The Juniper Raceway Open Class will run on the Slider (tm) Oval. The LenJet race will run on the world famous Parma road course. Certainly different requirements between the two tracks.


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          Actually I was thinking, assuming there might be more than one driver willing to run the car, that the ride be awarded based on a qualifying run. Say, a three-minute run on one lane. Whoever scores the most laps and segments gets to race the car.

          Or, if there are enough folks in attendance, allow different drivers run the car in different heats.

          I would nominate you to be my pit crew -- making sure the car receives whatever attention it needs to remain on performance.

          And of course I will remain the shadowy figure in the background, confidently awaiting the news of my triumph while stroking a white kitty-cat.

          Ed Bianchi


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            I made a big effort last week, fabricating a new version of a Rattler chassis with the idea of shipping it to my friends at HOCOC in Massachusetts and having it run by proxy in the unlimited gravity car race on Sunday December 2nd.

            Short version, it came up short.

            Not to say it wasn't an improvement on the Rattler Mark 2, at least in terms of lap times. It was a tenth to two-tenths of a second faster, but that wasn't fast enough to be competitive with Gerry Cullan's new cars. Worse, the chassis had an unpredictable habit of desloting. I could not seem to find a driving style that would keep it out of trouble.

            Still worse, the front of the car, designed to pivot on banked curves, proved to be too easy to bend in a crash. So I just decided to put it in my collection of experimental cars that didn't make the grade.

            Not entirely a waste, mind you. Now I know something else that doesn't quite work.

            So yes, back to the drawing board. I have a few ideas how to make improvements. There is another race on Sunday the 9th. If I get lucky I could have a car ready for that run.

            Ed Bianchi

            The front sub-chassis, designed to pivot on the banking. Includes ball-bearing front wheels, which will mount O-ring tires. Note that a ring-tongue terminal has been used to mount the rod that will be part of the hinge that will allow the front sub-chassis to pivot in the 'roll' direction.

            The rest of the chassis, wider than a Rattler Mark 2, with a central hinge tube for the front sub-chassis, and a lead rattle-plate on each side of the chassis.

            The assembled chassis seen from above.

            The assembled chassis seen from underneath.

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              Ed, is the hinge post brass or piano wire? If piano wire, it shouldn't be bending that easily on you.


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                It is not brass, it is steel. But I don't know if it is piano wire. The issue may be with the copper ring-tongue terminal rather than the hinge pin.

                Regardless, the handling issue is the big problem here. I have another idea how to achieve the pivot, and one that may be able to stand up to hard hits.

                One other concern is I may be running out of motor. I'm not sure if I solve the handling issues I will still have enough speed. Which is surprising, because my direct drive cars have always seemed to have insane speed on tap.

                I'm going to try again. Right? I mean, was that ever in doubt?

                Ed Bianchi