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HOCOC Open (Gravity) Class Control and Driveability

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    The results make sense as gravity cars are very sensitive to tire deg. Smoothness counts and the diode addition allows you to come off the corner smoother. Just another proof of the slow is fast theory.


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      Please note that the most recently posted data was the result of testing on a banked oval track with non-magnetic braid. This type of track is used for most of the HOCOC Open Class racing. We do have a race coming up where we will run on a road course with non-magnetic braid. I will run some additional parallel testing on my Banzai BuckTrax. Granted, the BuckTrax has power rails rather than braids. The test results will be posted here.


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        As noted in a earlier thread/posting, I currently have two versions of my GCLS chassis running. The /O variation has the gearing and weight distribution optimized for oval racing. The /R variation has the gearing and weight distribution optimized for road course racing. Or are they?

        Testing was conducted on both the HORacePro Slider (tm) banked oval track and the Banzai BuckTrax road course. Track voltage was set at 12.0 VDC. Track room temperature was 68 F. Testing was conducted in 25 lap blocks using both the Difalco Genesis and OS3 HO All Pro controllers. A diode tree was used for all testing, connecting to the 3rd diode out for an approximate 2.1 VDC drop.

        Date is presented for the GCLS/O and GCLS/R as Median/Best Lap data pairs. Starting with the Slider (tm) oval:

        Difalco Genesis w/DT: 1.88/1.776; 1.84/1.772
        OS3 HO All Pro w/DT: 1.88/1.782; 1.86/1.791

        This data is interesting, as in this test there is no significant difference in performance in regard to the /O and /R chassis variations regardless of the controller used. Using the same data presentation and controller configurations, testing continued on the Banzai BuckTrax.

        Difalco Genesis w/DT: 7.35/6.384; 6.23/5.697
        OS3 HO All Pro w/DT: 6.13/5.632; 5.97/5.565

        Clearly, in regard to the road course, the /R chassis out-performed the /O chassis. Additionally, the OS3 HO All Pro yielded significantly better results as compared with the Difalco Genesis controller.