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  • lap timer 2000

    Ive been using this system for a few yrs with no problem. But recently fired every thing up and it wasn't counting. i use the printer port setup... i seem to be getting 4 volts at the irs and i just cant figure it out.. is there a way to test the irs themselves??? but i cant imagine they would all 4 go out at the same time. i have it set on line port 1 and have tried it on the other 2

    any ideas appreciated


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    You did not say what you were using for sensors, if you are using dead strips that can be risky. If the track voltage gets to the computer port that will get burned out. You can test the port by disconnecting whatever sensors you are using and shorting across the input for each lane with a 150 ohm resistor, be sure to use a resistor, a dead short that is applied for more than an instant will also burn out the port. If your printer port turns out to be damaged you could switch to the serial port, you would probably have to use a different plug.


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      Rich, I think Jeff's using infrared sensors. He mentioned "irs".

      Jeff, I know that the infrared sensors can be used with a desk lamp placed right over the track so that might be something you could try. If counts get triggered under a desk lamp, then your infrareds blew out.

      I have a friend with goggles that allow him to "see" infrared but that's usually less commonly available than a desk lamp.


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        Since he is using IR sensors it is very unlikely that the port is not working, but it would not hurt to confirm that.
        If you can get the sensors to read using a table lamp that would eliminate a problem with the sensors. IR systems can be a little fussy if the light from the emitters is marginal. Just a little dust on the sensors could cause a problem. If you are using IR emitters make sure that they are lit. A digital camera or camcorder can "see" IR. Chances are that the emitters are not working. Normally LEDs last for many years, but if they are fed the wrong voltage their life will be greatly reduced. The IR emitters that I have seen run on 1.3 volts, I don't know how your lights are wired or if you are using dropping resistors.


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          I have an old Compaq CM0900 computer running Laptimer 2000 that I have not used in years. It has sensors, cable ports, etc. All works. I would be happy to donate this to you for the cost of shipping. If you are interested PM me with an email address and I'll send you pictures. Randy


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            If you use a desk lamp, make sure you use an incandescent or white LED bulb. IRs will not see florescent light.