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    I see nothing but growth. All this doom and gloom "we're all gonna die" is true, but has nothing to do with Slot cars. There is something about the HO slot car hobby that is different than any other slot car scale. The size is just right. If smaller was better, we would all be collecting micromachines slot cars. We all watch ebay, and the prices are surpassing 32nd scale, and people are still buying. I see 30 somethings getting into slot cars almost every week. It's something different they can do with their kids. Craigslist, offer up, 5 mile all have slot car listing from time to time, but they get bought almost as soon as they list. There are what, 7 HO custom track manufacturers building tracks as fast as they can? Where are all these tracks going? How are these guys staying in business? 3d printing just keeps getting better and cheaper. Decals, tire manufactuerers, new chassis, the list goes on. I don't see the industry declining at all. Sure, we are all going to die, and can't possibly see the world going on without us, but it will.


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      On Facebook HO car listings do not sell but they are all overpriced. On E bay if you price it right you will sell it. Don't think the younger generation is into slot cars much, I can only relate to my own grandkids, it is video games now...


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        I'm surprised there's no national shows that include slot cars, diecast, diorama etc under 1 big roof.


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          This is a great thread Tudo, I came back to the hobby in 11' and have scrounged to find others in my area. When I came back the BB was where to learn and ask question about what I can do to fix "XXX" issue. Then I wanted others to race with, so, I started the search for other local hobbyists, and meet a person less than an hour away. We became friends and went to a slot show 8 + hours away. WOW, what a trip. We still make this trip to the slot show when it is in the cards, two years ago 4 of us went and had a BLAST.

          NEHORA (Nebraska HO Racing Association), now have 8 solid racers at races (13 possible), will hold our 4th annual Memorial Day 200 (Where we race 200 laps, 50 per heat, and this race runs faux fuel cells. So, multiple pit stops per heat are needed.) We now can race on 3 different courses and have possibly more courses in the wings being worked on.

          It takes lots of work to get a group going and keep it going. Might be part of CHORC is not racing, no one stepped up to help keep things going and growing.

          I hope all our hobbyists keep up the hard work, it is worth it.