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  • Motors for Gravity Cars

    This was posted on Facebook:

    Hey. As somebody who goes the extra mile to help our hobby, I thought you should know that Dan from Viper has proceeded with his Mega-G+ motor (I have seen it) and is looking for a commitment of 500 units from the HO community to put the thing into production. This will be a fast, reliable motor from a trustable source. Could you pass the word on to the gravity community and others? I have already told Dan I am up half that number at least.

    You could put me down for ten of these as well. Closed can HO motors are easy enough to find and are usually cheap as well, especially if you order them directly from China. The hitch is that you can't be sure what you will be getting, so you have to buy some and try them out. If you like the motors you may not be able to order more of them.
    A reliable source for these motors would make life easier for a number of people.

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    Thanks for posting Rich.
    And thanks to Dan for all he does to support our hobby.