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  • Is any manufacture making a one piece track any more? The sectional tracks ship for pennies compared to shipping a one piece. Plus the one piece would need to be mounted on a table top at the least. Nobody would guarantee the rail from popping. Even Brad tracks will come in sections.
    In construction once you go past common lengths of material. the cost sky rockets.
    Viper Tracks is a good choice also. You would need to check if he offers the rail glued in, not sure. Viper sells kits that you install the rail so the cost is a little less than if they sell complete. Then there is Wizz tracks. The only way they come are assembled with rail glued. Wizz track is a hot item right now. You will have to wait as the list is into next year some time. Any routed sectional can be bought a piece at a time because cad drawings. Its up to the manufacture if they want to sell it that way I would think. TKO is also making track I think. Many ways to get what you want.
    Brad tracks are the only ones with the connection adapter to AFX. In that respect your choice is limited.
    Of all the mentioned manufactures you can't go wrong.


    • Originally posted by SouthShoreRacing View Post
      Strange. It's always been sectional, large sections, but sectional. My track is MaxTrax and have track for 2 different configurations. If you check out the South Shore Speedway on the following link, there are some pictures of my track.
      I didn't realize that they sold it as true sectional, all I saw was basically pre designed layouts. However I checked their site today, and they do sell it as you say.
      Nice tracks by the way.
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      • MaxTrax have always been sectional. Both the pictures and diagrams on the website clearly show that. My track is 20 years old and it is a 4416-06, which is just over 50 feet long. The longest sections are 46 inches, now the longest sections are 36 inches. My track has 23 joints, jumpers are easy to add because you can solder wires to the keys that join the sections. My track has dead strips with the power strip being just before the dead strips. After you crossed the dead strip the power would be coming through 50 feet of rail and 21 joints. With regular cars there was not a problem with that, but Restricted Open cars would stutter a little as they passed the dead strips. Adding one set of jumpers with 14 gauge wire just past the dead strips fixed that.
        With respect to a continuous rail track there has to be a few joints in the surface because regular sheets of MDF or Sintra are 4X8 feet. The rail itself can still be continuous however. A 4X16 track is no joy to move up and down stairs and around corners. You could get a 4X16 track that was in one piece, but it would be much easier to move if it was in two 4X8 sections. A lot of people save money by buying just the track, but most builders will sell you a turn key track with a finished table and driver's stations.


        • It is possible to get MDF in 5 x 9 foot sheets. A quick search on the internet turned up at least one mention of sheets as large as 5 x 12 feet.

          I normally buy 4 x 8 foot sheets, although once I bought two MDF sheets 5 x 9 feet, 3/8 inch thick. I used them to build Jeff Stillwell's 6-lane low-banked oval HO track. I needed the extra width to expand my normal 4-lane banked curves to 6 lanes. I make the curves out of one sheet of MDF -- I didn't want any joints in the curves.

          A simple 4 x 8 foot x 3/8" sheet of MDF is quite heavy -- much denser than plywood. It weighs something like 60 pounds, if I remember right. Bossing around a single sheet is really a two-man job, though I've always managed by myself, with the right tools. Oversize sheets become quite problematic.

          Of course once you cut track sections out of the raw stock the parts are much lighter. Folks who make their tracks out of Sintra -- which is much lighter than MDF -- have a still easier time of it.

          Ed Bianchi


          • My 4X16 track was designed so that it could be disassembled fairly easily if it had to be moved. The table legs are held on with carriage bolts and the driver's stations can be removed. The table splits into two sections and those can make it up the steps and through a Bilco door.


            • Originally posted by RichD View Post
              A lot of people save money by buying just the track, but most builders will sell you a turn key track with a finished table and driver's stations.
              I just want the track. I've already commissioned Brad Bowman to build track, with the spec rails. As for tables, I'm pretty handy with building things. My plan is to design a primary layout to use for special events and build tables specifically for it. For regular club meets, I'll add tables and bridges as needed.


              • There is a tool for pressing in the copper pieces if you want to save your thumb and fingers

                Want me to find out if I can get you one?


                • Originally posted by woodcote View Post
                  It is also included in the layout for the annual AFX 6 hour race, which is hosted by THORL.
                  Originally posted by woodcote View Post
                  although it is over a year since I saw it up close at the AFX endurance race. I don't know how much maintenance Andy W does on it, but I am sure he is meticulous with keeping it in top condition.
                  The 6hr uses Tomy AFX track only, being a six-lane layout.

                  It is hosted by Andy Whorton.


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                  • Deane, if you can score me the tool, I'd appreciate it.


                    • My guy is not in a position to make any more, but he says there are alternatives and will get back to me.

                      You are going to love your BSTS mate.


                      • new track.jpg

                        No doubt! I'm excited to get it, Right now, I'm working on table designs that can be mixed and matched to accommodate various track designs. Going to get away from the saw horses and use folding table legs as well.

                        The search for a new venue is underway as well. thought I had one, but it slipped away.

                        In the meantime, I have just purchased a 4x16 Wizz track from Lonny Getso, a member of Texas HO Racing (THOR) in the Dallas area. Got a KILLER deal that includes tables, power supply and TrackMate. The "Gilmore" named after Bill Gilmore, the man who had the the track built (who has since passed away) will be my home track. I plan to use it for THORN meets to drum up interest while I continue to search for a venue for the big tracks.

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                        • Very cool. Things are happening.


                          • Living the Dream! Nice Mike, Love the the big sweeper. That is a full power turn. When you see the car turning left Fn hammer Down. I'm telling ya don't be afraid, Hitting that turn just right will drop lap times by a tenth if not more. Looks to be about 2.7 lap with a stock ceramic. Close to 2. with some magnets and a motor. Good times. LMK if Im close with my guesses.


                            • Originally posted by Backmarker View Post
                              The "Gilmore" named after Bill Gilmore, the man who had the the track built (who has since passed away) will be my home track. I plan to use it for THORN meets to drum up interest while I continue to search for a venue for the big tracks.
                              I miss Billy
                              I had the opportunity to race with him many times. He was a great guy.
                              I'm pretty sure he was affiliated with the Foyt /Gilmore race team in some way, but he would never say how.

                              Gods speed Billy


                              • Yeah, going to make the road trip to pick the track up next weekend, and it may take a couple weeks before I can set it up - gotta clear some space. I'm itching to race on it! I'll probably make a video and show some lap times when we have our first race on it. Believe me, I'll push the limits on it and see what I can do around that sweeper ))

                                smalltime: I was considering changing the name of the track, but was curious how the track got its name in the first place. I asked on the THOR FB page, and when I heard who Bill was, and what he meant to the guys at THOR I decided the best thing to do was to keep the name of the track to honor his legacy. After all, if he wouldn't have had it built, I wouldn't have it now.