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Fun Small Layout 42" x 96" Board

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    Looks good! All the turns seem to sweep instead of 180 and back. Definitely NOT 4 drag strips connected by turns...


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      Cannot see Your Layout!

      Originally posted by gt7ball View Post
      Here is a fun little layout for Guys that don't have a ton of space. Enjoy!

      I cannot see a layout; apparently from the comments, everybody else can.

      More worrying to me, my own extensive photo album has disappeared, along with all the pics I have posted over the years on the Forum.

      I have emailed the administrators; anybody else having this problem?


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        The missing photo albums are a known issue
        Originally posted by Scaleracing View Post
        The Albums are gone, creating a database error right now the Hosting Company are looking into that and the Front Page.

        I may need a developer to sort more of this out, but as soon as stable I will get the latest version of Vbulletin loaded. Then see what that breaks.

        Fun but at least getting some results now.