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Worthing HO Racing 2019 - all the action from the Barn

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  • Worthing HO Racing 2019 - all the action from the Barn

    We kicked off our tenth year in January with some high-powered WHO Modfied action.

    The grid is pretty much dominated by Vipers these days, restricted to the stock 6 ohm arm and standard Pro 4 motor magnets. Everything else is pretty much up-for-grabs, with slip-on tyres on the back. We also run a hard-bodied WHO Tuners subclass for standard 'toy' chassis and no magnet upgrades. Gear ratios can be altered.

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    Round 2 - Nascar

    We were back for round 2 on Wednesday for our Nascar class. Short-track oval racing has become a tradition for the February Nascar race, with the ovals gradually getting bigger through the year and an occasional road course thrown in. This year we will finish the season on our version of the Charlotte Roval, where Keith and Deborah travelled to see the race last September.

    The Super-G+ remains the dominant car in Nascar, with the fabulous-looking AFX Mega-G+ Fords and Chevys making up the Gen6 Cup field. Duncan continues to run well with his Life Like T, almost managing two step-ups on Wednesday.

    Next month we have our first Formula One race of 2019. Here's the calendar:


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      Good stuff Andy, as usual.


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        Hey Andy, are you guys racing the V-Spec or V1 Vipers in your Modified class?

        Ooops, nevermind, I see the V1 has a 3 ohm arm...
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          Most of our racers have bought what's now called the V-Spec RTR chassis with the 6 ohm arm and Pro4 magnets (that package used to be called the V1). The most common modification would be to add the Pro10 traction magnets and higher & firmer tyres - eg .436 M1 (VSR028). However, any traction magnets and slip-on tyres can be used. We're extremely lucky to have almost all the Viper parts (and the 6 ohm RTR chassis) available in the UK through Slot Cars Direct.


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            Is anyone in your group using the S1 Tires (soft compound)? I was under the impression that they perform better on sectional track. I know the racers at WHO are pretty competitive, so they must have good reason for running the M1's.


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              I use the S1s on my SG+ in Nascar with the Viper hubs. It's a very nice tyre for the stock magnets. Most of the time I run on the 420s so it's a bit of a rail scraper but it goes like the clappers so that's ok!

              As we use Level 10 traction magnets we need the taller, firmer M compound on the Vipers. I actually had to replace my armature after the last meeting as my car had lost all of its performance. Probably should have done it before but the problem wasn't really exposed until we got on the very large January track with all those straights.

              I know 3 isn't a lot to pay for an armature but when it works out at just 50 minutes of racing and maybe another 15 minutes of practise, that's almost 1:1 F1 levels of engine replacement!

              Partly that is due to still using the 250 hubs last year. I've now got a set of 275s on the car and another axle to make up with 290 narrow hubs to see if that works for me. I'm using the 440 tyres but I'd like something a bit taller. Maybe a 450.


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                There you go Gareth! You may have just saved me the cost of an arm!

                The reason I asked was because I am upgrading my Mega G club cars with new front ends, rear axles, pinions. and tires. Based on what you are saying the S1's should be just fine with those.

                Good info for the V-Spec setup. I'm itching to pull the trigger, I just can't decide whether to go with a set of those or the ViperJets.


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                  If you're running narrow hubs on the Mega G then the S1s will be a nice tyre to put on definitely. Bit more pricey than the Supertire but I like them.

                  The V-spec is a great package but you need to keep the runtimes down to 2 minutes with Level 10s to keep it cool. There's a lot of stick with those on board. Not tried the V-Jet but I expect it's very good. Tough choice actually!


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                    I think the Viper-Jets are fabulous. We've been talking a while about getting them into the WHO schedule - they just don't quite fit at the moment. Or rather, everything else fits very well and there's no gap to fill.

                    We've run a couple of team endurance races using the Viper-Jets at HO Saturdays and they went perfectly well on a 'big' track at 18V...

                    The last Derby Le Mans 24 hour race used Viper-Jets for the first time - I really enjoyed them there. Again they ran very well on an 'extremely big' track at 18V and no brakes. The trial runs at previous Derby 4 hour races on the big Rockingham track meant the Viper-Jets' debut on the Le Mans circuit was perfect. I'd expect nothing less from DHORC.

                    Back to WHO... Using the Pro 10 traction magnets with the Pro 4 motor magnets and the production 6 ohm armature does require some careful balancing. The Viper M1 compound, Supertires B compound or harder is wise, I think. My car rarely gets warm, so maybe I'm missing out on some downforce


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                      I like the concept of the Viper-Jets, G-Jets, etc. Although I do like fast sticky cars, the handling and feel of the Jet cars takes me back.

                      Originally posted by woodcote View Post
                      Back to WHO... Using the Pro 10 traction magnets with the Pro 4 motor magnets and the production 6 ohm armature does require some careful balancing. The Viper M1 compound, Supertires B compound or harder is wise, I think. My car rarely gets warm, so maybe I'm missing out on some downforce
                      Somehow I doubt you're missing out on speed though.


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                        I'm desperate for the April meeting to roll around and see if my car is back to its best. It was agonising being so much slower than it was....and having Andy lapping me a couple of times on his way to the chequered flag!

                        I seem to have a particularly sticky set of Pro 10s which is great at giving me consistent and easy laps but I would like a teeny bit more straight line speed. That's why it will be really interesting as Andy has always had 275s on and I've gone up to them. And have the 290s in reserve.


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                          So Andy DID win!

                          I'm still amazed at how much a tiny little adjustment can make such a huge difference between winning and losing. Its what keeps us interested, yes?


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                            He did indeed, two years in a row taking the January win. Gotta try and change that for next year!

                            I'm currently working on a Micro Scalextric F1 car experiment for next month. My Mega G+ chassis are nothing special compared to the best cars and I can't afford to buy a load more so I've been seeing what I can do with a Micro. It's fitted with a Tyco Chaparral body to save weight and it's done lots of hours on a small oval to channel the bottom of the chassis. Turns out the magnets are too strong to drop the wheel size so I've been testing with a pair of 430 Supertires on stock hubs. I've got a 4.0 best lap so far which is about 2/10ths slower than a WHO style SG or Mega G for F1.

                            Tonight i tachometer tested around 30 Micros and I've found 2 with very quick motors. So I'll be trying both and seeing which works best and what improvement to my laptime I get.


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                              Here's some action from last night's Formula One race at the Barn...