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  • HO-UK Inter Club Challenge

    I'm pretty sure the Inter-club challenge for UK HO racers was mentioned here when it started back in 2015. It was a way of bringing together HO racers into a nationwide competition and helping people feel part of something bigger - all without having to do any more racing or travelling than they were doing already.

    The format is 'borrowed' from Derby HO Racing Club's finals championship. Points are awarded depending on where a racer finishes in their first final of a race. If you win the H final at Worthing, the C final in Chesterfield, the D final at Derby or the A final at South Cambridgeshire, you'd score 4 points towards the Inter Club Challenge. A second place got you 3 points, third 2 points and fourth 1 point. Doug has developed a clever algorithm to adjust the points total according to the various number of rounds each club has during the year.

    The first champion was from Chesterfield, with a Derby racer runner-up and a WHO racer equal third. 2016 saw two members of the Anglian Vintage HO Associationfirst and third and 2017 a member of the Brighton T-jet oval group took the title. Last year we were back to the three big clubs dominating, with a Derby junior racer winning, followed by three racers equal second - one each from Derby, WHO and Chesterfield.

    This year, we are delighted to welcome the THORL weekend group to the competition, meaning that almost everyone currently racing HO in the UK is included in the championship table.

    The tables are a real faff to post on a forum, but you can find them here:

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    Certainly raised awareness and promoted interest in other HO clubs, with people checking monthly to see how they were doing.

    It also helped extend and sustain interest throughout the year, with some clubs having a short season and only 8 rounds, whereas others had 12, 16 or 18, the results going right down to the wire.

    'Championship tables' are shown for 'Overall', 'Adult' and 'Junior' classes.
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      Fun to watch from the boondocks too!


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        You've got the idea A bit of fun and 'togetherness'.
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          It's a great concept. Enthusiasts, that's what you blokes are!


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            Scattered over the Country though, so we had to find a way to bring everyone together.

            Doesn't matter what they race or where, from TJets to Mods, the duration of the finals or the size of the track, as long as it has four lanes it works
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