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    Now that the 3D process is making a lot of items for different hobbies, has anyone made a 3D ho scale Nascar truck? The present truck not the ones that are from the 90's. I have seen 3D Nascar cars. Let me know. Joe

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    I don't know of anyone that does the recent truck bodies in any media. My club raced trucks until a year or two ago. I used the Johnny Lightning Dodge truck bodies with the bed shortened a little. It seems to me that trucks are even more generic in appearance than the cars are. If the body shape was close enough decals for the nose, hood and tail could distinguish the different makes well enough. That is mostly what you are looking at with the 1:1 trucks and cars in any case.
    If you are aware of anyone that does the recent cars in resin or 3D printing I would like to know about them. The bodies that we use are all out of date. The newest car bodies that are available are the Auto World Chevy Impala ones and those are too long for a 1.5 inch wheelbase car.
    There are Gen 6 Chevy Impala, Ford Fusion and Toyota Camry clear Lexan bodies available from HOST, there may also be truck bodies.


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      NASTRUCK Bodies

      Pattos has clear up to date truck bodies.


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        Thanks, I prefer plastic bodies instead of clear ones. Joe