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  • Omni Cidex Parma Controller

    All thru the mid 90's till about 2005 I used an omni controller. Like an idiot I sold it to buy something better. I have owned a difalco top of the line,an os3 top of the line & a professor motor since then & have not found any of them to be as good as the omni to fit my driving style.Back in the mid 90''s & not really knowing what I was doing I built a box with a couple of wirewound rheostat's for coast & what I called power(maybe it was choke) Anyway I have recently been able to purchase a couple of used omni's & want to set them up with adjustable controls on the controller (like the old Chukra's design) & not a box.One has a 12 position switch instead of the 3 position toggle switch,but it acts kind of goofy between the #4 & # 6 position switch. The other was basically a basket case. I did keep the omni module & will be installing it on a spare parma turbo I have.Both controllers have 8 diode modules & not 6 like most 1/24 controller I have seen. I guess my question is can I use pots instead of wirewound rheostats & if so what ohms & watts.Looking thru some old posts Rich D seems to know things about the omni. Any advice Rich ?

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    As a follow up I want to have a coast pot,12 position sensitivity pot and a choke pot. I don't use brakes


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      This is your lucky day! I have both the 1/24th and HO versions of the Cidex Omni controller. The 1/24th version has a three position toggle switch for sensitivity and a slide switch for the brake adjustment. There are six bridge rectifier diodes with one of those being used in the brake circuit. The HO version has eight bridge rectifiers. There is a three position toggle switch for the sensitivity control, but no brake control. I added a 175 ohm rheostat to my controller with a center off toggle switch to select between brake and coast. If I needed a choke control I would have to use a separate box with a rotary switch and diodes, that can drop as much as 4 volts.
      Here are some circuit diagrams that I had saved.

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        WOW !!!! Thank you so much Rich. Some great info in your post,can't wait to try some out.
        Thanks Again,