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Please no posts with copyright material from other Forums.

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  • Please no posts with copyright material from other Forums.

    I have had to remove several threads due to the use of Copyright protected material in those threads.

    I will try to clean up those threads when I get time and re post them here.

    Please do not cut and paste from other Forums without permission, it is not right to lift their posts and copy them here.

    If you have permission, or they are your own words fine post away.

    I would like to also remind people to stop attacking others, this Forum is here to try and grow the Hobby not tear it down.

    It is OK to disagree with someone elese ideas but calling them names is not acceptable here.

    If things are really as bad as posted here think about starting a new Group without influence from those who produce the cars.

    Set clearly defined rules and source product off the shelves of Stores supporting this Hobby.

    This may create a Fair Racing Series, with the best interest of the Majority ( The Racers ) not the Manufacturers.

    Or create three Series one for each Performance Manufacturer and get over it.Either way, move on and create something that works, the crap posted here by all sides has proven to many it is not working well right now.

    Just my opinion, not bashing anyone or name calling as I kind of feel that is Childish.

    Come on guys fix it or shut up.

    As Elvis said "It's Now or Never"

    This mess sure does not look like fun to me.
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    Alan Smith
    SCI Owner.


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    I have to agree. Whole heartedly.
    I have left several other forums because of the small minded, and bad mouth of others.
    Make sure you house is straight before you knock someone else.
    Frank - Crab Alley Speedway/Annapolis


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      if you want to bash on people then go to the ( planet of speed board / h.o. snake pit ) its set up just for that reason, and please leave the rest of us alone. i like this board and dont want it shut down!!!!!


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          I had permission to post the copyrighted material I did. Please included when you repost.


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            is it all right to post where people can find info on other forums?seems this would help the hobby,would it not?i hope i have not infringed on forum rules by posting places people can find what they are looking for...i agree that badmouthing is verboten,as it helps no one,and discourages otherwise interested parties to take part in this site and hobby in general.this forum or any for that matter should be to serve the hobby on a whole,rather than exist for peoples bad tempers.people are different,and disagreements should be taken care of off forum or on pm's.


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              Pulled up an old post.

              OK a good question.

              This Site, like others I am sure, is all about Content.

              I am not looking to create Jump Central or Link Exchange out of SCI.
              If you have information post it here on SCI.

              Posts directing SCI readers to another location do not help SCI and could be considered Poaching or fishing for Members.

              We have a very large reader Base, and value that fact, if you want to help or reach that base post here.

              Advertising to the Members is not allowed unless you become an Advertiser.

              Linking to or posting other Site links is not allowed either.
              This is especially so with other Forums or Sites promoting Stores or linked to Retail Stores.

              This is a Community, and we look for posters to supply information here on SCI.

              We supply free Photo Albums to all Members in good standing and keep SCI Free from Google ad's and the like, all we ask is please follow our Rules when posting here.

              Thanks and enjoy SCI, without you, and you and you it would not exist.

              Also please remember most Read this Site and do not post, content is King here. Tell us where you race, how you enjoy the hobby etc and you help others get involved.
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              Alan Smith
              SCI Owner.



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                thank you for a very clear answer to my questions.i shall limit my posts to the extent of my knowledge.i would assume it is another matter to pm someone info not allowed in a regular post?


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                  Without knowing exactly what your asking about.

                  It is hard to give an exact answer.

                  PM's or Private Messages are just that completely private even I can not see them, no one on SCI can see a Private message unless it is sent to them.

                  PM's must never be sent to other people unless with permission of the original sender. Also must never be posted on the Forum, they are private.

                  Regarding sending messages to circumvent the rules of SCI, I would hope having offered Free Membership SCI Members would not do that, but how would I know.

                  Flaunting it, in my face so to speak would be another matter, and sadly it has been done.

                  You know Alan won't let me post this so everyone wanting to know PM me sort of thing.

                  This is my Forum, I host it and offer Membership for free to all who comply with my Rules.

                  I fully support the Industry that supports the Hobby of Model Car Racing, and the Mission of SCI is to guide, nurture and help it grow.

                  All Scales.

                  It's your Hobby too, start a Trend Tell a Friend.
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                  Alan Smith
                  SCI Owner.



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                    not trying to circumvent,or flaunt anything to be's guys like you that keep the hobby alive,after all.i do not want to violate any rules.i am simply new here,and am wondering about what info can and can't be shared on forum.


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                      Share it here and your OK with me.

                      As I said earlier your questions are fine, without asking who would know.

                      I have tried to explain in the Rules what goes here.

                      But really the most important thing to me is content, not directing someone to another Site.

                      I feel I owe it to my SCI Readers to try and build good information and content here on SCI.

                      This is why I finance the Site, and keep it free of pop up's, SPAM, and Google ad's.

                      There will never be a fee on SCI for Members.

                      Thanks for becoming a Member here, I look forward to your input.
                      Alan Smith
                      SCI Owner.



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                        thanks alan.keep up the good work.


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                          Forum Rules and Etiquette

                          Even though I am a relatively recent member of the forum, I viewed the content for over a year. I finally joined because:1.I wanted to see the pictures posted that non-members are blocked from seeing; 2.I wanted to share what I was doing, and start to get questions answered from others. I have never understood the logic of taking "pot shots" at individuals or companies , although there is a need for constructive criticism of products; otherwise, how do those manufacturers improve their products? Just one great example of this "product improvement" attitude is Steve Russell at Racemasters /AFX. He has been very accessable (considering his workload / travel), and open to ideas. And the results are obvious.
                          There is a wide variance in both experience and ability on the Forum, and it is that variance that makes participating such an enjoyable experience. I have both learned, and been able to share my own ideas with people from all over the world on the Forum, as well as actually meet or talk directly with several. Believe me, I am better for the experience.
                          People come from different experiences which reflect their outlook and opinions. We may not always agree with another's point of view, but we can all at least give consideration to each other ( if not respect), and make accomodation for one's feelings.


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                            Thank you, the way you run your site has made the hobby alot less intimidating to get into and alot more fun. I use your site for my single source of ideas because of the knowedge base you have cultivated from a great group racers and posters. Keep up the good work.


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                              I've not been a member for long but this is a well maintained site. Everone seems friendly and willing to share their knowledge. SCI rules and will keep using it for many years to come. Thanks SCI.