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New Tyco/Mattel and Tomy Compatable Curves

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  • New Tyco/Mattel and Tomy Compatable Curves

    As many of you may have heard, especially those on the DL, there is indeed a small group which is beginning to produce track compatable with Tyco/Mattel and Tomy. It's a slow process, mostly because it is a significant monetary investment for each piece and this isn't our day job.
    We're proud of the quality that we've gotten from our manufacturer. It's been great that of the hundreds of pieces which have sold to individuals, none have been returned.
    The first piece produced was a Tomy compatable 18" 1/8 curve, which became available around March 2004. It has been well received and has generated requests for a 21" 1/8 curve.
    In November, we started shipping Tyco/Mattel compatable 6" 1/8 and 15" 1/8 curves. These curves have incorporated design improvements which have significantly improved both the track connection and electrical connectivity. No longer do you need to suffer from the "dip" of original Tyco track. I wish we could replace all the old Tyco design with the new design.
    Right now, there are no new pieces in the planning stage. The sales of the Tyco/Mattel have not been as crisp as we had hoped. We had figured that Tyco/Mattel owners would be watering at the mouth at finally being freed from the restriction of only 9" and 12" curves and we would get a lot of initial sales - enough to recoup funds to move on to the next piece. Maybe once the word get out.
    However, if there are any questions on the new track, I'd be glad to answer them.