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    This is for HO-1/64 slots so I thought it appropriate to put this thread in the HO section. I will be coming up on retirement soon. I am thinking of thinning the collection (not immense) out as I will be concentrating on filling my shelves with my own resin creations. I collected mostly Batmobiles and Petty cars. I have been dabbling with the new sites photo posting, so I will put up photos of the cars soon. What I'm looking for is a WIW type of feedback. Maybe even some interest to my fellow slotters here before I try the big auction site.

    Let's start with the Petty light blue Tyco Pro. I have one that would be a #7-8 with one corner of the rear wing missing. Both uprights are still there, but would need repairs. Minor for some folks, major for others. I also have a complete version in a #8 condition. There is one on "the bag" now asking $2500. That's stupid, however, I guess it's a free country to ask what you want. What would be your guess at a WIW on this car? Broken and un-broken?

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    Stuff like this makes me wish I had kept track of all my cars from the 70's. Maybe I need to dig around in my moms basement.


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      I give up, what is WIW ?


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        What's It Worth


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          Sorry, I should have not used the acronym.

          I don't know for sure. Probably not until I get and offer. I had one suggestion to put it for sale on the SCI FB page. I certainly think that the one on ebag is day dreaming. I would think $100-150 for the broken one, and $200-300+ or so for the 8+ nice one. Guess it will be the best answer out there. It's only worth what someone will offer for it, right?

          And, like I would say to someone asking this question, put up a couple photo of each one. I still need to do that.....


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