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looking for slots in NE georgia

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  • looking for slots in NE georgia

    hello all.....ive been out of the loop for about the last 10 years.some of you may remember me as "mike(racerx)"on some of the other boards.having a hard time finding where all the action is on the internet as far as HO slots are concerned.seems to be activity here....
    circumstances beyond my control forced me to move about ten years ago,leaving the 4 lane track that i had built the process of moving a few times over the years,i lost a good portion of my slot inventory as well....good news is i found a bunch of stuff i forgot i had while packing to move.
    which brings me to moving to augusta georgia next week after 57 years in the NY/NJ area.cant afford to live here anymore and have any sort of "life".
    finally,after about 50 years in and out of HO slot cars,i have a house where i have a ton of space to do whatever i want.
    I even have a shed on my property that my wife said "why dont you take all of your stupid little cars and tracks and go out there with them".
    i plan on having a nice 4 lane track routed for me sometime in the next year.maybe a maxx...not sure of other options...a lifetime goal will finally be achieved.
    im wondering what the HO scene is down there,if there even is one.would even be interested in the larger scale cars as well at this point.

    any insight would be much appreciated.

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    I hear you. I'm in San Francisco. I love it here, but it's dammed expensive and there's no way I can afford a house of my own. Good for you and your stupid little cars.