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#13 Cobra Daytona

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  • #13 Cobra Daytona

    I finally got one!
    This one was always too expensive but I finally found one within my budget.

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    Well done, the Daytona Cobra is a great looking car.


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      I have a #5 Daytona Cobra on an SRT I bought back in the 90's, is that a more common body?
      I'm not really a "collector", just curious...


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        To me they are about as common as the other car numbers from the same time period. All seem to pop up for sale at about the same frequency.
        At any time you can find SRT cars for sale but for some reason unknown to me the #13 usually commands a higher price.
        Maybe it's just 'cause it's the one I didn't have and really wanted!
        I have the 5 car as well, from what I can tell the 5 and 13 were originally the same car with different paint schemes.



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          The stripes on my car are thinner with a wider gap between the stripes. Mine is also missing the lateral stripe going to the wheel well. My car also doesn't have he circle around the number on the hood outlined, its solid white.Your car also has more detail on the driver window than mine too. A LOT of differences actually! Nice find ))


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            here's a comparison between the two.


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              Thats the one. I tried to get a pic of my car to upload, but the lighting was horrible. Yeah, that #13 is super nice!