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HO scale proxy drag race at Smoky Mountain dragway in May.

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  • HO scale proxy drag race at Smoky Mountain dragway in May.

    Smoky mountain Spring Nationals

    Sponsored by Super Tires

    May 10-12th 2019
    Classes to include Rookie and Veteran Inline stock, Inline Super Stock,

    Inline Super Comp, Inline unlimited and pancake Comp.

    Rookie inline stock: This class is for racers who are just getting started. Any stock

    6 ohm inline, ceramic magnet, any gearing, chassis. Slip on tires max diameter .476 and wheelie bars allowed, no braid.

    NO highly experienced racers allowed, this includes anyone who has won a class event at Nitro slots

    or have been racing with us for a several years.

    ALL production chassis are allowed in inline classes. No silifoam
    tires allowed in the rookie, veteran stock or super stock.

    For this race stock traction magnets should be used in Rookie stock.

    Veteran stock: same as above except open to all. In Veteran stock any traction magnet is OK.

    Inline Super Stock

    Same as above + braid on pickups and any size rear tires are allowed .

    Inline Super Comp:

    Any chassis allowed, BSRT, Viper, Wizzard, Eagle, timing advance OK on those that have the option.

    2.5 arm, POLY magnets, braid and silifoam tires are OK, any traction magnet.

    Inline unlimited, anything goes just as long as it is close to HO scale.

    Silifoam tires highly recommended as regular glue does not seem to hold
    these tires on when speeds start to hit over 35 MPH.

    Pancake Comp:

    Open to all racers, any AFX, AW, JL, T jet, chassis allowed. Braid, gearing changes, any slip on tire.
    Ceramic magnets, with stock type 6 ohm armature, 5.5 ohm minimum. Traction magnets up to 2 allowed any size.
    Wheelie bars allowed in ALL classes. All classes will be run at 20 volts except PSO which will run at 18 volts.

    Track is 15.5' with 6' shutdown including dynamic braking, stop strips and catch box. Rails are .0013-.0014 high

    which is slightly higher than stock AFX track.

    Bodies requested: Hard plastic or resin, Drag or muscle car type.

    If all you have is a roundy round body send it in you will still be allowed to race.

    PSO and 4GO list races will be held right after this event,

    $8 return shipping. Add extra $ if more than 50.00 shipping insurance is wanted.

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    Racing at Smokey Mountain Dragway is always a lot of fun! I'll be there for sure.


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      Glad to have you, quite a variety of classes at this race.