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Super Tires sponsoring HO proxy drag race once again.

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  • Super Tires sponsoring HO proxy drag race once again.

    Nick at Super Tires has come thru again. All participating racers in the May 10-12th race will receive 3 pairs of Super Tires, 1 each of AFX .474, .490 and Tyco .468 which
    just about pays for your return shipping by itself. More rookie stock racers are needed, check the race out at Nitro slots.

    Thank you Nick...

    [url=]Super Tire Banner

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    Glad to hear that Super Tires is returning as a sponsor! Never have enough Super Ties.


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      Super Tires are always welcome here.


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        Thank You Super Tires.
        Be sure to check out Nitro Slots during the week before and race days, great racing action.


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          One week away the cars are coming into the pits. Be sure to check out HO Drag Racing at Nitro slots .com.
          How fast will they go?


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            Eric we will have the unlimteds running at this race and some of the faster ones will hit 60+ MPH even though we only run 20 volts. This is much faster than you can run these cars where there are turns unless you have a very high bank turn. It also would be tough to see them as they move faster than you can follow with your eyes. 15' in two tenths of a second is just a blur.
            I will post some of the results here as SCI is working much better these days.

            Here are a couple of 40-50+ MPH cars running an exhibition in the past.

            [url=]Exhibition race #2
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              Yeah its going to be good. Good luck my friend.


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                Thanks, same to you