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Smoky Mountain Spring Nationals drag race race results

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  • Smoky Mountain Spring Nationals drag race race results

    Smoky Mountain Spring Nationals Qualifying: All cars run at 20v for 15.5'

    Rookie and Veteran stock:

    [url=]Rookie qual sheet

    Rookie Inline stock TQ

    GTS and his BSRT powered T bird.

    [url=]Rookie IS TQ
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    Veteran Inline stock qualifying:

    [url=]Veteran IS qual 5/2019

    Inline stock TQ with a Dodge Challenger powered by a Jag DR 1 chassis Gnome

    [url=]Vet IS TQ


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      Next up is Super Stock qualifying:

      [url=]Super stock qual

      Super Stock TQ is Pete with his Viper powered 57 Chevy Nomad. Pete ran a .5258 @28.17 MPH for the top spot

      [url=]Super Stk TQ


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        Pancake comp qualifying:

        [url=]Pancake Comp qual.

        [url=]Pancake Comp TQ

        JJWallace takes TQ with a .6151 @ 23.27 MPH


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          Mishap on the track as the Habitual 36 Ford got out of shape and slid down the track on its side. Safety crew was there to save the day.



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            Inline Super Comp 2.5 qualifying:

            [url=]Super Comp qual

            2.5 Super Comp TQ Eagle with his red Mustang powered by his new Graphite chassis: ET .3839 @ 35.70 MPH

            [url=]2.5 Super Comp TQ Eagle


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              Next up the Unlimteds:

              [url=]Unlimited qual.

              Unlimited TQ, Dave632 and his BSRT powered Camaro. ET .2602 MPH 61.98

              [url=]Unlimted TQ Dave632

              Here is a side by side pass with both cars hitting 60 MPH.

              [url=]60 MPH side by side


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                Congrats to Eagle with his 2.5 TQ. Sweet ride.
                My 57 is on top for now in Super Stock inline. Race day tomorrow, Hope she stays consistent.


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                  Good luck tomorrow Eric and congrats on your TQ.
                  As you know these little devils can throw you a curve now and then.


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                    Originally posted by Dave632 View Post
                    Inline Super Comp 2.5 qualifying:

                    [url=]Super Comp qual

                    2.5 Super Comp TQ Eagle with his red Mustang powered by his new Graphite chassis: ET .3839 @ 35.70 MPH

                    [url=]2.5 Super Comp TQ Eagle
                    Awesome job Dave!! Thanks for allowing my Carbon Fiber chassis to compete in the racing, you are the first to allow it to race. Good Luck to all the racers!


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                      Eliminations begin, starting off with Rookie Inline stock:

                      First round action GTS with his G3 powered blue T bird vs Mazda and his Viper powered blue Camaro.
                      GTS takes the win with a .5878 24.61 mph over Mazdas .6376 20.66 mph.

                      [url=]RIS rnd1

                      Mazda vs GTS again in round 1 with a Viper powered red 80 Firebird vs a Tyco powered blue 60 Corvette. Mazda gets some revenge taking this matchup with a .6107 23.59 to .7097 17.00.

                      [url=]RIS rnd1

                      The finals of RIS:

                      TQ GTS and his T bird vs Mazda and his Firebird. GTS takes the win with a strong .5657 25.54 over a quickly improving Mazda with a good .6021 23.76 mph.

                      [url=]RIS final

                      RIS winner GTS

                      [url=]RIS winner GTS

                      Congrats to GTS on his class win and GTS for making the final.
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                        Next up Veteran Inline stock. In each picture I included the abbreviated chassis type next to the car name so all can tell what type of chassis the car is running.
                        Round 1, TQ gets the bye in the first round.
                        Hairy Canary vs KStocks: HC takes the win with a .5683 25.16 over 1.0138 15.22

                        HC vs KS

                        ECBill vs Gnome: ECBill takes the win with a .5761 27.94 over .6633 20.29

                        EC vs Gn

                        Next up KStocks vs Dave632. KStocks takes the win with a .5696 26.02 vs .6186 21.31

                        KS vs D

                        Next pair JjWallace vs Dave632. Dave632 takes the win with a .5829 25.35 vs .6167 21.37.

                        JJvs D632

                        Round 2:

                        Dave632 vs KStocks, KStocks takes the win with a .5596 26.74 vs .5641 24.18 for the best race so far in VIS. The Camaro jumped to an early lead but the
                        Mustang went by near the finish for a .01 second win.

                        D632 vs KS

                        TQ Gnome runs his first elimination round after getting the bye taking a close win over ECBill .5449 26.95 vs .5533 28.77. Bills 56 Chevy picked up
                        some performance and was charging hard at the finish but the slower 60' time was just to much to make up and he ran out of track.

                        Gn vs ECB

                        Semi final: KStocks gets the bye in the semi due to low ET.

                        Gnome vs Hairy Canary. This race was the best yet as the Dodge squeaks out another one this time by .006. HC took the early lead and held it to the 660'
                        mark where Gnome just inched by at the stripe with about a 1.5 mph edge. Great race.

                        Gn vs HC

                        Final, Gnome vs KStocks. Gnome and the Dodge take a small lead at the start and then manages to hold on until the finish winning with a .5367 26.95 over a
                        good .5552 26.53. A lot of very close races in this class as many of the builders are figuring out how to make these cars run.

                        VIS final Gn vs KS

                        Veteran Inline stock winner Gnome

                        VIS winner

                        Congrats to Gnome on winning this tough class and KStocks for making the final.

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                          Next Class Super Stock:

                          First up TQ Pete and his 57 Nomad vs Dave632 and his General Lee Dodge.

                          Pete takes an easy win with a .5372 28.53 over the .6639 21.85 of the Dodge.

                          [url=]SS R-1

                          Next up KStocks and His Mustang vs Dave632 and his Beretta. D632 takes the win with a .5329 28.29 vs .6380 24.01.

                          [url=]SS R-1

                          Next a pair of Mustangs, Pete vs KStocks, Pete takes the win .5418 27.16 vs .6125 26.63

                          [url=]SS R-1

                          Next up ECBill vs Gnome. These 2 were the closest in qualifying and it proves out here as they run the closest race so far. Gnome ran a .5737 23.51 to
                          Bills .5938 21.71 for a .0096 win.

                          [url=]SS R-1

                          Semi final:

                          First up Pete and his 57 Chevy vs Gnome and his T Bird. Pete takes the win with a .5362 28.06 vs a .5737 23.51.

                          [url=]SS Semi

                          Next up is Pete and his Mustang and Dave with his Beretta, this one should be close. The Mustang picks up a little and the Beretta drops off a
                          little giving the Mustang the win with a .5340 27.72 vs .5423 27.94 for a .0115 win, good race.

                          [url=]SS Semi

                          Super Stock Final:

                          Pete gets both his cars in the final for a sure win. Which one will it be Ford or Chevy??
                          The Chevy gets the win with the narrowest of margins .0006. The margin was gained right at the start with a miniscule .0007 hole shot as the Mustang
                          ran .0001 better in ET. .5414 27.38 vs .5415 28.29. Super final as the Mustang took the early ET lead thru the 60' 330' and the 660 but the extra MPH
                          of the Chevy was just enough for the win.

                          [url=]SS Final

                          Congrats to Pete on winning the class and having both cars in the final.

                          [url=]SS winner
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                            Sorry about the bad focus on some pix. This camera will change focus quickly and I don't know it until I post pix.


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                              Next class Pancake Comp:

                              First run was for the #8 spot with GTS 2 4G cars. The 57 takes the spot with a 9694 14.69 over .9911 12.49

                              Round 1: TQ JJWalllace Dodge up against GTS 57 Chevy 4G. JJ for the win with a .6415 21.99 vs .9829 14.76.

                              [url=]PC R-1

                              Next up ECBill and his Vette vs Dave632 and his Farm truck. Bill Takes the win with a .6465 22.43 vs .8939 16.55 for the slowing Farm truck.

                              [url=]PC R-1

                              Next up Mazda and his 55 Chevy vs Hairy Canary and his Dodge 4G. Mazda takes the win with a .6615 23.19 vs .6913 21.44.

                              [url=]PC R-1

                              Mazda up again with a Dodge powered by a T jet chassis vs Dave632 and a 55 Chevy.

                              Mazda takes the win with a .6615 23.19 vs .6913 21.44.

                              [url=]PC R-1

                              Semi finals:

                              ECBill Vette vs Mazda 55 Chevy. This was a terrific race as Mazda took hole shot but could not hold on at 60', (both cars start together), then Mazda is playing
                              catch up. Bill held on for the win despite the 1.5 MPH advantage the 55 had. Was not by much though .0036 win margin.

                              [url=]PC semi

                              Next up TQ JJWallace Dodge, (this might be a Plymouth GTX), vs Mazda with his T jet Dodge. JJ takes the win with a .6233 22.96 vs .6651 21.04.

                              [url=]PC semi

                              Final: JJWallce vs ECBill, can Bill pull off the upset?

                              No JJ holds on for the win with a .6242 22.80 vs .6456 22.58 for Bill.

                              [url=]Pancake comp final

                              [url=]PC winner

                              Congrats to JJWallce on his pancake comp win and ECBill for making the final in a hotly contested race.