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Routed race track looking for a good home

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  • Routed race track looking for a good home

    I have a routed track that I salvaged from a home set to be demolished. I would like to find a good home for it.
    The track would be available for pick up from my house in the K.C.Mo. area anytime this summer.
    It was built by Scot Dunlap around 2004. It's very similar to a Bowman and uses the same rail system. Rail will be provided.

    The table can go with it if you want.

    Make offer

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    wow nice track in that link


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      I agree, that track is spiffy as all get out.


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        It is continuous rail that is pressed in with a lock wire. I rerailed it about two years ago and in the process scraped the rail depth to mimic a Bowman. The reveal is right at .014 with the same rail as Brad uses. It is VERY close to a fray table for shoe settups and guide pin depth.
        It can be easily railed in a day if you have a helper to pay out wire.
        The table is is my ode to Ferrari, as I am a life long Tifosi.


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          I'd off a busload of nuns for that thing.