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HOCOC 2019-2020 Rules

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  • HOCOC 2019-2020 Rules

    The HOCOC 2019-2020 rules are now available on the HOCOC Weebly website:
    There is also a PDF version of the rules here:
    The PDF version is printable, it includes hyperlinks to the individual classes and to pictures of the cars.
    The changes for this year are minimal. Dash 16 ohm 3 lamination armatures are now legal in several classes, those became available too late to be legal for our past season. Lexan bodies are now legal in the NSC Sportsman class. Hard bodies will only be legal for the coming season. Testing done by several club members indicates that the cars will be several tenths faster on most tracks with a Lexan body. Excellent peel and stick decals are available from Patto's Place, be sure to ask for 1/72nd decals.
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    Rich, The PDF version above is for South Shore Raceways 2019 rules. Do you have a PDF of the HOCOC 2019-20 rules?



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      Fixed the link! I wrote the SMR rules, HO rules tend to take up a lot more space.