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    Iím wondering what voltage the US1 trucking sets run at? I have the tow truck en route and am wondering if I can run it on my afx home track. Any input would be appreciated.

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    The US-1 power pack I just found online says 6.9V (fairly typical for these sets), but I have run my US-1 chassis at over 20V before with no problems. The motor and gearing is very robust.


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      Oh sure, run them! They'll take 24volts without much complaint. The grandkids love them.

      They have worm drive and two hefty traction slugs, so they are suitable for pulling stumps. A great cleaner for sectional track just as they sit; or you can push a cleaner block, and or drag a rag/swiffer behind them. The dual ski pickups can always seem to find current even on the the worst crusty tarred up rails. Normal household oxidation is quickly scuffed off.

      I used to just plop them on a lane and let them grind along on the ghost controller. Eventually I built an official cleaner.

      Note: Check the burn pattern on the shoes and adjust them for a good glide on the rail. (front and rear) They can be a little toe heavy until you massage them.
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        That great. Thanks for the response guys! Thanks el gecko! Good to know. Thanks to you too model murdering! That too is good info. I havenít had a US1 vehicle yet. I was mostly concerned about blowing the bulbs in the flashing lights. Lol. She will be a couple weeks getting here. Once I get her running after a good massage I will try and post a pic. Was a bit pricey......but a great addition.


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          Oh drat Ho Joe, I plum forgot about the flashing warning lights. None of my ancient examples had that nifty option.

          Based on that, I'd proceed with some caution jacking up the voltage too much.

          Tried to PM you, to no avail.
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            That's a good point about the lights. However, the X2 High Performance power packs that were sold in other sets concurrently with US-1 were rated to 21.8V, and TYCO being TYCO back then, I would think that they figured that kids who already had X2 sets would try the trucks on the racing track, and so engineered the chassis and electrical system to withstand at least that much voltage. A lighted HP7 does fine on an X2 power pack, so I can't imagine the trucks would have any issues either.