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  • questions on different chassis

    Im fairly new at last track was when i was 9 and I didnt even get to use it. It was the last one toyrus had and it was missing a car and some track so santa had to get his money back haha. Anyways, I just got the super international set and got a tyco 440x2 off ebay and built myself a 4x8 table in the garage.

    my question is what makes these cars sooo different? the mega gs will constantly lap the tyco car. It seems like the tyco comes of the track way to easily. the tyco runs alot better on a life like square oval i got at a yard can take the turns faster than on the afx track. I also noticed that a mega g at half throttle on the afx track is super fast as compared to the life like track that i can almost gun it all the way with the megas. Is this a power thing or something with the controllers? seems the life like controllers are way easier to drive than the afx ones. Also is it normal for the controllers to get slightly warm and smell funny? what causes this?

    I have watched a ton of videos on youtube and from what i have seen I am loving the tjet videos. Are these slower than the tyco 440x2 cars? harder to drive? I also see that there are different brands of the tjets...what are the differences?

    This is an awesome site and I just want to say thanks for all the info i have found so far and anymore you guys can give me.

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    Simple answers.
    Tyco chassis brilliant design of over 30 years old, uses ordinary magnets for traction control, Mega g less than 6 years old in design though looks similar but has neodymium magnets for traction control.
    Track, different makes = different rail heights.


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      You don't mention the condition of the ebay win, but that could well be a factor. The Mega may have stronger magnets but they are pretty small and not flush with the bottom of the chassis, by comparison the Tyco magnets are large, strong as ceramics go, and flush. I would make sure both cars are running well, with fresh tyres and good electrical contact before anything else.

      The burning with the controllers is normal, it is just like when you start up a storage heater after a period of inactivity, you get that smell. Down the line you should, IMO, be looking to get some Parma controllers anyway.

      T-Jets ('pancake' chassis) are way slower and slide a lot more than magnet cars and the inline cars with brass pieces in place of traction magnets (such as the Wizzard Thunderstorm). I think there is a seperate pinned thread on SCI for those kinds of cars, and plenty of people 'out there' who can advise you about them.


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        Yep, Tjets (and less so Magnatractions etc) are more of a challenge, but this is alot of their appeal

        With these "non magnet" cars, you'll learn every corner of your layout, instead of just blasting through them.

        I race both the fast and slow types, love them both


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          One more thing to consider is that the tires on your Tyco car have probly hardened up over time and lost a lot of grip. If you were to replace the original rubber tires with Wizzard PVT02 slip-on silicone tires the grip would be even better than with new rubber tires. The Mega Gs would also benefit from this modification. With the Mega G car the idea was to make the chassis more compact, so smaller but more powerful magnets were used. The Tyco car has fairly large ceramic motor and traction magnets. The Mega G has smaller polymer motor magnets and even smaller neodymium traction magnets. The motor magnets in the Tyco car are not quite flush with the bottom of the chassis, reducing their effectiveness in generating downforce. I believe that a Mega G has slightly more downforce than a Tyco 440X2.


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            thanks for all the replies everyone. Just to clear things up a bit, the tyco was new but the tires do seem kinda slippery as compared to the megas. After fooling around with the cars on the track the magnets seem twice as strong in the mega also. So heres another question. I orginally bought the tyco for my daughter because it came with a disney pixar lightning mcqueen body and lord knows she LOVES that movie. The car hugs the track pretty good minus the body a seems a good deal faster than with it on. The tyco body is like triple the height of the little f1 bodies on the megas. I just dont see how that makes such a big difference because even though it looks top heavy all the weight is still in the chassis....? any insight on this?


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              Body styles can make a huge difference, even on the same chassis. I have a super G+ stock car, and some of the Super G+ indy cars, and the indy cars stick on the track at higher speeds than the stock car.


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                Just bought and ran AW-T-jets, xtactions, and The General Lee-Aw, and tyco 440x2(silicone)

                Verdict for me.

                T-jet(AW)-slow hardly any fun, have to drive very very slow.

                Xtractions with magnets- Most fun,because magnets make it driveable and it still takes tons of skill because its not so stuck. With new silicone tires it would be better even still.

                Tyco 440x2- Awesome !! Close to as fast as mega -g's very fun like I remmeber and runs very smooth.Lap times are still faster with mega G's but we are using the f1 mega's and the tyco was not.



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                  Persevere with the Tjets, see if you can race against someone, see who can drive a slow car the fastest :P

                  Glad you're having fun either way


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                    Didn't the Pixar Tycos have very thin, very tall tyres? That would be a big performance factor too.