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AFX Big Block Battlers - Lasted an Hour

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  • AFX Big Block Battlers - Lasted an Hour

    Well, frustrating is not the word for this AFX Set!

    First, the red car would not stay on the track. I had to push the magnets down closer to the track and it finally started running right.

    Second, the yellow car was the fastest, and all of a sudden, it slowed down tremendously. It barely makes it through some of the corners.

    I've cleaned the track, cleaned the tires, replaced the pick-ups, and even put some lube on it. Still slow! The rear axle has so much play in it that the gear mesh is so bad it won't turn. I don't know how to space it over and increase the mesh.

    Then, to top it all off, the red car came off the track, and one of the tabs that holds the pick-up shoe on, broke off. Now the whole chassis is trashed - I guess. Can I buy just the chassis and replace all the parts to it, or do I have to buy a whole new car.

    Needless to say, my 7 year old is bummed. Literally, it took all of an hour this morning for this thing to turn into a maintenance nightmare!

    LifeLike maybe? Uhgh!

    Someone please help.


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    Call Racemasters. They should help you. I assume that this is the set with the Mega-G chassis. In my opinion the Mega-G is a good car and better than the Lifelike T-Chassis. The Lifelike (while fast) has a very fragile pickup system and front wheel mounting system. The China produced Mega-G/Lifelike crown is fragile. I replaced my 1.7 chassis crown gear with a BSRT Delrin gear and its much better. The BSRT gear needs some work to get it to fit in a Mega-G chassis but once installed it is a better performing car.

    Assembling the track on the carpet under the tree is a planning for failure. The HO critters need to be in a clean safe place without fuzzies. Think clean wood floor or better yet a dedicated table.


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      My sons 8 and 11 unwrapped their Mega G's this morning and raced for hours, no issues.
      They are the "clear" models, unbelievably beautiful cars. Checked for gear issues before
      running, found none.


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        I understand your frustration however................

        This is a real Hobby, not a virtual one. These are real cars ( in miniature ) and damage will happen if the cars are crashed.

        I agree it is frustrating to have product that will not work, I guess it is good to set up and check the cars before the big day.

        Still I hope you will hang in there and build your knowledge as to how to tune/set up these cars and tracks.

        This is after all a Hands On Hobby not really a Toy in the Modern sense.

        I remember Race sets and Trains from my childhood that worked at first then required adjustment to keep running, not a lot has changed in that regard.

        The cars are better than those of my Childhood, but still need set up, as does the Track.
        Once you and your racers build knowledge ( which people here will help with ) you could be building a hobby of a life time. Also teaching your children that real things require real care and set up.

        I am sure AFX will help with any defective items, they are a good company.

        Good luck, don't give up yet the rewards are endless.
        Alan Smith
        SCI Owner.



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          Just move the gear over so it meshes well and very carefully drop super glue on the gear and axel. It won't slip back anymore. You can use a spacer but super glue should work.

          Don't glue the gear on the motor, just the one on the axel,aftter it's in place.


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            Try telling a 7 year old "it's the nature of the hobby." BS answer!

            Back to the LHS for a refund or exchange.


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              I am also not happy with my Mega G cars.

              look for some SRT's/ they run well right out of the box. you can also get better magnets for them. will handle much better.

              My 8 year old daughter has been running for a year now.



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                AGRANT---- I feel bad for your situation. There's no bringing that fun of the christmas day racing back. I am willing to send you a couple of LL boxstockers for you and your child. Just pm me your address and I'll send them out as soon as possible Mon. Maybe you can salvage some vacation racing time yet. Try as they might all mass produced race cars and sets will have a percentage of problems. Unfortunately it happened to you this time. If you'd like-- I'm pretty sure I could fix the set cars for you. Just let me know.


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                  Originally posted by AGrant View Post
                  Try telling a 7 year old "it's the nature of the hobby." BS answer!

                  Back to the LHS for a refund or exchange.
                  Good For you! You bought it at a LHS. They should have no problem at all replacing/repairing the cars and getting you going.

                  I too Retail AFX and NEVER have a problem with warranty issues. Go see your retailer and they should take care of you.

                  Remember though, they are just the retailer. Work with them, and this hobby should turn out to be a ton of fun for both you and your son.



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                    I had a similar situation where my GF's daughter broke her computer.

                    We used it as a learning exercise on how to repair it; She did most of the work herself and was proud of her efforts when it was done.

                    I'd encourage you to try this approach.


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                      Originally posted by miamislotcar
                      Check out the big block battlers set on u tube at: Key Lime Speedway.
                      Why? That would not help my situation at all!

                      Neorules...I really appreciate your concern and offer. But this is not your problem to deal with. Its AFX. I will be returning it to my LHS. I've been dealing with them for years with RC Cars and they are good people. I am quite certain they will stand behind it. Upon further inspection of the set, I also found a piece of track that is defective, causing the cars to skip a beat and lose speed. I was thinking that was odd, but now I've found the culprit.

                      Anyway, most of your advice is to just chalk it up to "well, its the nature of the hobby or what you get with toys these days or fix it yourself and you'll appreciate it more". Not good advice in my book. Its a defective product that needs to be replaced. I'm not upset with anyone, just frustrated and disappointed for my child on Christmas.

                      I wasn't looking to really get another mega hundred dollar hobby, I have one of those already, I was looking to get slot cars for my sons and I to play with and have some fun together and I expect them to work!

                      Thanks again Neo...that was a gracious offer. I will keep you posted to the outcome. If anyone on here reads this that works for AFX, I would appreciate to hear your explanation and hopefully it won't be an excuse.


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                        I think all the excuses are indicitive to the loyality so many have for AFX products. With that said, nothing is worse than massive failures on Christmas morning.

                        Jim Norton
                        Huntsville, AL


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                          That was a nice thing to say Jim.
                          Sorry to hear about your problem. I'm sure AFX and the people here in America will make right.


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                            Originally posted by AGrant View Post
                            Try telling a 7 year old "it's the nature of the hobby." BS answer!
                            Originally posted by AGrant View Post
                            Why? That would not help my situation at all!
                            Originally posted by AGrant View Post
                            Anyway, most of your advice is to just chalk it up to "well, its the nature of the hobby or what you get with toys these days or fix it yourself and you'll appreciate it more". Not good advice in my book.
                            Mate, while I 100% sympathise with your situation, grow up and learn some manners. Calm down before posting. Appreciate that any replies are usually offered out of a great deal of knowledge by punters with more experience than you and I.

                            Off my soap box now,


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                              I've never raced RC cars. Do they ever break when they crash?

                              You said the red car wouldn't stay on the track. Are you saying it would just randomly jump out of the slot for no reason? Or was it deslotting because it was trying to keep up w/the faster yellow car?

                              These things are toys. If you were to go to your local hobby shop & buy ten identical slot cars, same brand, same model, in that batch some would be faster & some would be slower. There's no way around it. And that just isn't confined to slot cars. This happened to me back in the day when I bought Hot Wheels sets. The Mongoose always beat the Snake. : ) And I'm sure the same is true w/RC cars.

                              The gear mesh issue has come up before & is a drag. Contact AFX & I'm sure they'll make it right for you.

                              I know it was a huge drag to have problems w/a fairly expensive toy on Christmas morning. But as one dad to another my advise to you is to not make more of a big deal of it than it is. Seven year olds have the attention span of a gnat anyway. Make a joke about it, tell him he can go w/you to the hobby shop the next day & then change the subject. In a couple of days you'll have a couple of good running cars & this whole snafu will be forgotten. These little cars are remarkably durable once you get them sorted out.

                              Did this set come w/the Tri-Power pack?
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